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Happy Moments Mom is all about providing you with simple ways to create lots of little happy moments with your toddler and preschool children.  Find lots of fun crafts, games and learning ideas for little kids!

Kids Moments

Check out all of the easy but entertaining kids crafts, games and other fun here at Happy Moments Mom!  They are designed for maximum child fun with minimum mom effort because doing something more minimalist or not quite perfectly is better than doing nothing at all!   

Everything is designed to be done from age 1-5 although sometimes bigger kids would find the activities and crafts fun too!  All of the activities are planned to be doable with multiple children at once as most are things I have done or want to do with my own two kids!   

As a teacher, all of the preschool activity ideas also provide some great learning opportunities through play, which is really the best way at this age. 


Happy Moments Mom Recommendations


Need some solid advice from another mom? Preschool mom life is anything but dull and a million questions come up everyday!

We’ve all been there going down the rabbit hole of these preschool mom life questions wanting to do the best we can for our kids!  But the answers online can get overwhelming and in the way of being a happy moments mom, so this recommendations posts section is to help you find some great answers all in one spot!


Mom Moments

This area of the website is all about inspiration and ideas for simple mom self-care. 

Whether it is enjoying a happy moment by taking a little me time or strategies to feel like your best mom self, this is where you find things just for you mama! 

Happy Moments Mom has got ideas for books, DIY projects, mom life resources and lots of other mom-time ideas here!

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