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Happy Moments Mom is all about providing you with simple ways to create lots of little happy moments with your toddler and preschool children.  Join us for some fun!

Kids Moments


These easy but entertaining kids crafts, games and other fun, are designed for maximum child fun with minimum mom effort.   Everything is designed to be done from age 1-5 and can be done with multiple children at once as I do it all with my own two kids!   As a teacher, all of the ideas also provide some great learning opportunities through play, which is really the best way at this age. 


Mom Moments

This is all about inspiration and ideas for mom self-care.  Whether it is enjoying a happy moment by taking a little me time or strategies to feel like your best mom self, this is where you find things just for you mama!  Books, DIY projects, mom life resources and lots of other ideas are here from Happy Moments Mom!



Happy Moments Mom Recommendations 

Ideas and recommendations that solve lots of the problems and choices you run into as the mom of little kids! 

Avoid going down the rabbit hole of researching toddler and preschool items and issues.  It’s hard to enjoy little moments if you’re spending all your time researching!  So no more information overload that makes decisions impossible. 

Honest recommendations that have been researched, tried and tested already!Happy Moments Mom Logo

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