Month: June 2021

pin for post with toddlers splashing, playing in sand, swinging and car wash

How to Have the Most Memorable Summer Ever: Toddler Summer Activities Bingo! Fun summer toddler activities are awesome and plentiful – you can have so much fun with your family! Beach days, playground & splash pad visits, bike riding, hiking – I could list so many!  In fact, read on and you’ll get 48 fun …

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paper diy puzzle pieces

Do your children love puzzles?  What about a toddler puzzle craft? Puzzles are so much fun for little kids, and us moms should love them for our kiddos too.  There are so many developmental benefits of puzzles for toddlers and preschooler! Make your own puzzles for pennies with this fun craft

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happy toddler eating food

Toddler Mealtime Mystery Food Game Toddler food and meal ideas can be hard to come up with to keep things interesting…and therefore eaten! The food battle can be very real some days.  That’s where this mystery food game comes in to be both fun and helpful! Maybe you’ve had plates flipped or tossed right off …

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father's day man's hand holding baby hand

Easy Father’s Day Craft & Gift Combos Need a cute but easy Father’s Day craft gift?  Not to worry, here is the perfect gift idea for Dad:  a cute craft that will both tug at Dad’s heartstrings and be an awesome gift they will love!!  It’s all kinds of awesome with very little effort (or …

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ice cream with sprinkles

Ice Cream!!! Chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, bubble gum…yum yum! What’s your child’s favourite? We are on a huge ice cream kick here lately and so have done lots of ice cream crafts too. Luckily for you that means I”m sharing a bunch of super easy ice cream crafts with you!

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Mom journal with coffee mug

Journals to Rediscover Yourself After Kids – Quick question: Do you remember when people actually called you by your first name?!  If you’re not working outside the home and spend most of your time with kids who use your awesome “MOM” title, it can be rare! 

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milky way

There is just something about space that every child loves! Stars are sparkly, rocket ships blasting off is like an explosion and therefore cool, and the movement of the planets is like a dance. Here are some space crafts for your own little astronaut in training to do!

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toddlers and moms on neighbourhood walk

One of the best ways to get out with the kids is to go for a walk around your neighbourhood.  There is just something about being outside, getting the fresh air and the change of scenery a walk provides that makes everyone relaxed and happy.  

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toddler craft supplies

Are you ready for a life-changing shift in planning perspective with just one sentence?! The best toddler and preschool crafts and activities all follow this one simple rule for success.

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