Month: July 2021

Girl Playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey

DIY Pin The Tail On The Donkey Games for Every Season Remember playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey games at birthday parties when you were a kid?! It was FUN!  Children’s parties these days seem to have gotten more grand for many, but that simple old school game is still a hit with children… Continue Reading 25 DIY Pin The Tail On The Donkey Games For Any Occasion

toddler fishing game with blue mat pond

Fin-tastic DIY Toddler Fishing Game: Craft + Science Experiment Does your toddler love fish and want to go fishing? Maybe you can’t wait to pass on your own love of fishing or maybe you have no clue and don’t want to touch a worm! Either way, this toddler fishing game is a simple magnet fishing… Continue Reading Fin-tastic Toddler Fishing Game & Craft All in One

preschooler in car seat on road trip

Road Trip Car Games For Preschoolers: How to Survive the Drive! Do you have a road trip with little kids coming up?! We went on our first big one this past summer and with a little planning, we not only survived the drive, but we thrived!  It was an amazing trip and I want to… Continue Reading Easy + Fun Road Trip Car Games For Preschoolers

sand toys goggles and flip flops with title 10 best budget outdoor toddler toys

Best Budget Outdoor Toddler Toys: Kid Tested – Mom Approved! Want your backyard to be like an amusement park oasis full of the best summer toys for toddlers so they are entertained easily outside with little effort from you? Don’t have the money to shell out hundreds or even thousands on big backyard play sets… Continue Reading Best Budget Outdoor Toddler Toys

numbers and letters with ice cream cones

DIY Ice Cream Preschool Alphabet Games & Number Games Preschool learning should be fun and based on play, so summer is great for learning too!  Pretty much every kid loves ice cream, so these preschool alphabet games and preschool number games all about ice cream are sure to make some happy moments for your child! … Continue Reading Ice Cream Preschool Alphabet Games & Number Games

toddler doing a science experiment

Exploring Floating and Sinking Two truths: Preschool science is a thing of beauty and preschoolers love to eat snacks.  That makes exploring floating and sinking with snack time foods a preschool science experiment for curious little ones.  Your child gets to explore but you don’t really need anything fancier than a normal snack! Little kids… Continue Reading Exploring Floating and Sinking: A Perfect Preschool Science Experiment

Mom Stress Relief

5 Minute Mom Stress Relief Strategies You Can Use When With Your Kids Mom stress is the worst.  Mom stress relief can be hard to find though, can’t it?  Your little kids are relying on you so you need to be there for them but you’ve got so many things on the go the stress… Continue Reading Mom Stress Relief With Kids In Under 5 Minutes