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5 Minute Mom Stress Relief Strategies You Can Use When With Your Kids

Mom stress is the worst.  Mom stress relief can be hard to find though, can’t it?  Your little kids are relying on you so you need to be there for them but you’ve got so many things on the go the stress can be overwhelming!

  • You’ve got a running list of a million things to keep organized in your head.
  • Your toddler is screaming “NO” for the millionth time – so many times you both forget what was refused in the first place.
  • You look around and the house is a mess: all you see is toys and dirty dishes.
  • You haven’t gotten to anything on that to-do list so you feel like you’re failing today.

Put simply, it has been A DAY and it’s only 10am – maybe even earlier if you’re one of the lucky moms whose kids get up before 6am!

While you’re overwhelmed it can be so easy to go into a negative spiral but remember:

  • You aren’t failing!  Your kids may be screaming, but they aren’t hurt or unsafe.  They are doing what little kids who can’t communicate do.
  • Mom stress is real and hard.  So is the mental fatigue of dealing with the same things over and over everyday.
  • Make sure you take breaks when you can.
  • Some moments are harder than others.  It’s all about how to get to the next moment.

5 minute stress relief strategies for moms with little kids title with mom and toddler dancing

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Find Mom Stress Relief & Make the Next Moment Better

Focus on the present and that very next moment only.  I consider it to be a three step process:

Step 1: Ask yourself: “What is causing your mom stress to be bad right now?” Identify it so you can address it.  Is safety an immediate concern needing action now or can you take a moment to calm?

Step 2: Get yourself (and your kids) calmed down a bit with one of the strategies below.  Now you have a clearer mind and can actually think about step 3.

Step 3: How can you pivot to solve the stressor? Do you even have to solve it or can you just leave it behind and move along to a new activity?

Remember: Don’t borrow trouble!  Don’t think about anything past the next 5 minutes.  You can do 5 minutes.

As always with anything health related, remember, I am NOT a doctor of any sort.  Just a mom trying my best and sharing some things that I’ve looked up and have found helped me but it is not and should not be used as medical advice.  Talk to your health care provider for any physical or mental health concerns.

Mom Stress Relief WITH Your Kids

Sometimes everything is chaos and stressful and you really don’t have the option of taking a moment by yourself.  That doesn’t mean you can’t sneak a moment FOR yourself though!  Include the kids and everyone benefits from these simple mom stress busters!

Your Favourite Happy Song + Dance Partymom stress relief dancing with toddler in the kitchen

Yep, your song.  Not the Wiggles or Frozen.  The kids will have fun dancing along with you if you’re having fun doing it so make it something enjoyable for you.  You deserve it!  Is your child crying and refusing to dance? Pick them up – then they get hugs and dance and it might just turn things around for both of you!

Need a pick me up song idea?  Here are some of my personal favourites with a either a good uplifting beat to get you moving, a positive message to help you focus on the important stuff or a combination of both!  You’ll also see how yes, my music tastes are kind of random and a bit outdated – hey, being a SAHM of two little kids means I’m not as connected to the outside world lately!

  1. Happy by Pharrell
  2. Shake It Off by Taylor Swift
  3. It Happens by Sugarland
  4. Up – Shania Twain
  5. Good News by Classified ft. Breagh Isabel
  6. Wintergreen by The East Pointers
  7. Nancy Mulligan – Ed Sheeran

Your Favourite Chill Song + Deep Breathing.

Again, this is for you with the kids tagging along so pick your song.  Everyone will benefit from the breathing, but you will benefit from both the breathing and the music.  Get the kids into the breathing by making it silly if you have to – exaggerated in through the nose and sigh out with silly shake of the body.  Even doing it the silly way, you will get the benefit of the deep breaths!

Not sure of a song? Here’s a few I recommend – this list is shorter because personally I usually go with the dance party option for getting me out of a funk!

  1. Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson – seriously, this song is like the best life advice sometimes – “All I can do is keep breathing…”
  2. Mother – Sugarland – Heads up: It will make you cry!)
  3. Surrounded – Chantal Kreviazuk  – One of my favourite songs since the 90s – nothing quite like singing those long notes horribly off key to feel better!

For both these music ideas having a smart speaker like this one and music streaming is awesome!! Just ask for your favourite tune hands-free!  In these moments you’re usually a little busy to be scrambling to play something!!  Voice commands and smart speakers are my life!!

Biggest Hug in the World

Hugs are healing.  Literally, they are good for you.  They can lower your blood pressure and find some mom stress relief.  The physical touch from a loved one is good for you and your child.  When things are spiralling and your mom stress is high,  hit the hug reset button.  Everyone stops what they’re doing, comes in for a hug and squeezes their hardest trying to make it the biggest hug in the world!

stressed mom hugging toddler

The stopping to hug helps reset, and maybe for little ones forget/move on from what was causing the stress.  The hug itself has its benefits like releasing oxytocin and you de-stress.

After the giant hug you are in a better mindset to be able to  transition to something more chill while you fully get back on track.   Get them started reading books, colouring pictures, or watch a show.  For more hug benefits check this out.

Mindfulness Rainbow

Look around the room and find something every colour of the rainbow in order.  ROY G BIV.  Everyone finds their own thing. It makes you slow down and focus on what’s around you and not on the original stressor.  By the time you’re done you’ve gotten a better perspective.

rainbow mug on table

This started in my house for preschool mindfulness when tantrums were happening, but has helped me too so now we do it together! Everyone usually ends up more calm and can come back to the original mom stressor with a clearer head.  Hopefully now it won’t escalate into more stress and/or conflict because mom is calmer and that makes kids calmer! 

Go For a Walk

Ok, this one might be more than 5 minutes, but sometimes you just literally have to leave your worries behind.  Take the kids though – even if they’re the stressor they do need to come with you ?!

mom stress relief walking with children

Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! Anyone else learn that back in the day from Legally Blonde?! Well Hollywood got that one right.  Exercise pretty much always makes you feel better afterwards so get moving!

Get the kids in the wagon and head out.  Honestly, don’t even worry about kids shoes – throw them in the wagon so you have them in case.  Unless of course it’s winter in which case DO NOT try and get your kids ready for outside in the cold during a stressful moment!!! That’s just a recipe for disaster!!

For nicer weather though I’ve got some great tips to keep the kids happy in the wagon here in my post about fun neighbourhood walks! That way you can focus on your movement, breathing and maybe even work through your thoughts to leave it all on the road behind you.

Can’t go for a walk because it’s winter/rainy/the idea of getting your kids ready just makes you more stressed out?!  Throw on a Kids Yoga Video and do it with them!!  At my house a screen will attract attention and this is a good use of one!

Have a few moments to yourself??

Find more mom stress relief using one of these

Mom Journals I highly recommend for taking time to think about and take care of yourself!

biggest hug in the world title with mom hugging toddler

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