preview of four 5 senses coloring pages with pictures of things using different senses

The Best 5 Senses Coloring Page Collection

Exploring the 5 senses is one of the best ways for your little one to enjoy and learn about the world.  Adding in 5 senses coloring page activities is a great extension of what you’re doing already in your real world and sensory bin activities!  

Here for you are 10 excellent 5 senses coloring pages  plus links to some I found when looking for my own kids.

eye, ear, mouth, nose and hand to represent the 5 senses

Mostly, the 5 Senses Colouring Page Package I created is to fill in the gaps I found when looking for some online for my own kids!  While I found several sheets to colour cute pictures, there weren’t many to do more and actually have children interacting with and thinking about the 5 senses theme.   

So I made some – and now I’m offering them to you too!

Instead of just colouring, this package has children thinking more with matching, counting, and using scissors.  

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Why Should Little Kids Learn About The 5 Senses?

Encouraging your child to see, hear, taste, smell and touch the things around them (when safe!!) teaches so much more naturally than you just telling them something. 


Learning through experience is more long-lasting, especially when given the chance to reflect on what you’ve experienced. 

Now, I don’t mean you need to ask your toddler a bunch of deep reflective questions, but these coloring pages can provide an opportunity to re-visit and talk about experiences.  That is reflection! 

Even if it’s mostly you doing the talking about what you see and discussing things like:

“Hey remember when we had ice cream at the beach?

It was so cold but so yummy and we could hear the waves and feel the sand in our toes!!

Which one was your favourite?”

5 senses of summer colouring page preview of objects experienced in summer

You are modelling the process of taking all the information you gathered from an experience and working through it to determine its meaning.  Your child gets to see and hear (see what I did there – senses?!) the learning process and becomes a better learner themselves!

Talking about the senses explicitly is so helpful for promoting mindfulness and can be a great calming activity to find something for each sense in the moment!

Happy Moments Mom 5 Senses Coloring Page Package

Honestly, after looking for 5 senses coloring sheets for my daughter recently I really couldn’t find what I was looking for – coloring sheets that do more than just coloring.  Don’t get me wrong, just plain coloring is fun and awesome for a variety of reasons so I made some of them too.  dog listening, girl eating, man smelling flower, parent and cihld hugging and two people watching tv 5 senses colouring page

But for an older preschooler a little extension activity to bring in more concepts through the 5 senses theme is an opportunity not to be missed!!

So these are not just 5 senses coloring pages toddlers can do, but also 5 senses activity sheets for older preschool or kindergarten kids.  Best of both worlds! 

Get your Full 10 Page 5 Senses Coloring Page Package Here for Only $2!

Here are the 10 PAGE 5 SENSES COLORING PAGES you will get to enjoy:

  • 5 Senses Symbols Coloring Page
  • Senses Actions Coloring Page
  • Coloring +Scissor Skills 5 Senses Fun
  • Symbol & Experience 5 Senses Matching Page
  • Sorting + Counting 5 Senses Coloring
  • 5 Senses Math Fun: Colour + Complete the Patterns
  • Senses of the 4 Seasons Coloring Pages (4 pages)

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5 Senses Coloring Page Criteria

Like anything not all things are created equally.  Basically, I’m being my teacher self evaluating resources and am picky when it comes to what I use and recommend.  images of items experienced through the 5 senses in spring

The colouring pages I created myself for you (and for my kids!) all fit the criteria below.  Others I’ve got links to for you from their original creators but they were chosen the same way!  

  • Big Pictures for Little Hands
  • Obvious Picture Meanings – Ever look at a picture and not know exactly what it is?! Won’t happen here!
  • Interactive – The ones I created also have little activities for your child to do to extend their learning.
  • Educational Opportunities – Extension subjects using 5 senses – alphabet, numbers, patterns

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5 Senses Coloring Pages for Multiple Ages

Overall these 5 senses coloring pages work for all ages so they’re perfect if, like me, you have more than one child doing them together.   Each age and stage just uses them differently naturally.

Your smallest toddlers can just colour and get some exposure to the more advanced concepts, but mostly are just scribbling and having a blast doing it! Absolutely nothing wrong with that!!  worksheet matching 5 senses symbols to actions

The older ages (3-5) can both color and do the actual activity to whatever extent they want.  Don’t make it a chore or a task your older child must do though!  Remember, keep it fun – learning through purposeful play is the name of the game at this age! 

Some of the other developmental opportunities these coloring pages actually practice too:

  • scissors skills
  • matching
  • making patterns
  • letters 
  • numbers

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5 Senses Silliness

Need something entertaining for your kiddo while you DOWNLOAD YOUR 5 SENSES COLORING PAGES and print them?

Since I’m a huge believer and advocate for doing activities as they come up naturally when your child shows an interest and not always prepping things to present to your child, I like to make that process easier for you!

Just like any craft ideas you find on Happy Moments Mom, here’s some prep time fun to bridge the gap!

5 Senses Jokes  

  • What do you call a polar bear wearing earmuffs?  Anything you want – it can’t hear you!
  • What has thousands of ears but can’t hear anything? A corn field!
  • What did one eye say to the other? Between us, something smells!
  • Did you pick your nose?  No, I was born with it!
  • What smells the best at dinner?  Your nose!

Test your kiddo’s sense of taste with this fun mystery food game

Optical Illusion

Sight can play tricks on you and your little one! Do you see the circle grow??

black lines to dot in the middle optical illusion

Remember Magic Eye pictures??? The kiosks in the mall in the 90s selling them framed?  I can remember going from one to the next as fast as I could (and annoying people around me!) seeing the hidden pictures!  Here are a bunch of Magic Eye optical illusions if you want to try them with your big little kid!

Tongue Twisters

Yes, your tongue is for tasting – but also for talking!! Make it silly:

  • Toy boat, toy boat, toy boat
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair. Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he?
  • Seth sells thick socks

Extend Your 5 Senses Fun

Want to have even more fun?  Or need more things to do with your child who’s obsessed with the 5 senses?  Here are some simple ideas for you to try!  Click the images to learn more.

Read a Book

Baby Loves Science The Five Senses Book Set Amazon Link   Amazon link showing cover page of the book The Listening Walk    Amazon link showing book cover for Look, Listen, Taste, Touch and Smell

Science Experiments

Amazon link showing Sensational Science Kit box of 21 fun experiments       Amazon link showing the box of science kit Discovering 5 Senses 

Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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