About Happy Moments Mom

Happy Moments Mom began because as a mom like you who spends all day, everyday with two kids under the age of five, I have come to learn that the big picture of being a mom is made up of A LOT of different little moments in time

A good day is one where the happy, fun, cute happy moments simply outweigh any frustrated and exhausted moments.  Both types of moments happen everyday – that’s life with toddlers and preschoolers.  This site has resources to help you focus on the positive, create simple opportunities for those happy moments and give you easy ways to move on from the lost patience ones. 

You’ll find crafts, games, activities and other ideas in the Kid Moments section of the blog that you could actually just stop and do right away.  It’s rare that any fancy supplies or skills are needed!  It is for you to keep it simple and keep it fun with your toddlers and preschoolers. 

The ideas are especially useful for any moms who have more than one child at home.  You need activities to do with everyone at once!  As a teacher, planning an activity that entertains and challenges both a 2 year old and 4 year old is something I enjoy and am happy to do for you!  It’s just like lesson planning for all the different children in my class – take one idea and modify it in multiple ways to either make it more or less difficult to meet all students where they are on their learning journey!   

Happy Moments Mom Mentality

The main idea of Happy Moments Mom is that happy moments don’t require perfection.  You can have a lot more happy moments with your toddlers and preschoolers by just keeping it simple!  Life isn’t Pinterest perfect, but it should be fun – especially for little kids!  The motivation for all the projects you’ll find here at Happy Moments Mom is to share ideas that measure success a different way. 

Success is answering YES to these two questions:  

  • Did you and your child have fun?  Maybe even some silly giggles together? 
  • Did you enjoy the moment?  Was it simple enough to not cause stress?

About Sara

Hey! My name is Sara and I am the creator of Happy Moments Mom.  My family and I live in Niagara, Canada.  I am currently a stay at home mom spending my days chasing after my two adorable children.  My daughter is 4 and my son just turned two.  Needless to say, ours is a busy, noisy, imperfectly happy household! 

When not home with my children I am an elementary school French teacher.  I have taught children of all ages though, from grade one to grade 12!  I love my work in schools, but was incredibly fortunate to be able to extend my parental leave when the pandemic started.  

One of my favourite parts of teaching is planning interesting, hands-on lessons and then getting to see students have fun learning.  Watching kids be so proud  of themselves because they figured something out is truly priceless and I consider myself lucky to have helped provide that moment for them.

Now I love that I get to do that in a new way home with my own children and decided to share some ideas with other moms like you in hopes of helping you create those moments in your home too. 

When not working or on mom duty I’m…well I think I’m mostly sleeping during those few elusive hours!  But when I do get some time to myself, I like to do a variety of crafts, sew, read, blog, golf and spend time outdoors.



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