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Do you love fall and easy fall crafts for kids??  It’s got cooler weather, harvest time, apple picking, apple pie, apple crumble…yep, apple everything!!  Including apple crafts!  This apple painting craft activity makes for a fun sensory craft that becomes a game afterwards! It is perfect for any fall or Halloween party!  

Overall, fall always feels like a refresh or restart.  Probably because I’m a teacher, the year in my mind is more September to August than January to December. Now being home with my kiddos it’s about new fun ideas to do and ways to explore new things. 

Pin the Apples in the Basket Pin

Apple painting lets your child explore a new way to be creative.  They can get messy if you want, develop some fine motor skills, practice scissor skills and then have a lot of fun with the game.  This apple painting fall craft works for kids as young as 18months (with help of course) all the way up to school age. 

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Apple Painting Craft Time

This craft has lots of room for fun because the painting itself is really easy!  No details for little kids to fuss or get frustrated over.  It uses simple materials you probably have at your house already and everything can be ready for craft time in under 5 minutes, but the fun will last much longer!  

If the kids are impatient, check out the Prep Time Fun section for some jokes, fun facts and silly stuff to entertain them while you gather supplies! Getting a good 5 minutes of prep where you can focus on getting all the materials and tools ready and in place for your children (and you) sets up any craft for more success! 

Materials Needed:

  1. Paint – Red of course, but you can make things fancy by also including green and yellow!  This Crayola craft paint is great because it’s washable and non-toxic. 
  2. Apples – You need one apple for every two children doing this craft.
  3. Paint tray – If you don’t have a flat paint tray, just use a paper plate or a real plate.  Assuming you’re using a non-toxic washable paint it won’t hurt the plate, just wash it as soon as you’re finished painting.
  4. White and brown paper – No brown? No problem – this is just to make a basket so feel free to use any colour your child likes!  You could even use white and your child can colour it brown while you get all the other supplies ready! 
  5. Brown and green crayon or marker
  6. Tape – I suggest paint tape or masking tape.  They’re easier on your walls if you put it on display!


Apple Jokes:

Why did the apple cry? Its peelings were hurt!

What reader lives in an apple?  A book-worm!

Who makes the best apple pie? Granny Smith!

Click here for more apple jokes


Fun Apple Facts:

Granny Smith apples are named after a real Granny Smith who began growing them.

The largest apple ever grown was 4 lb. – that’s over 12 times bigger than an average apple!

Scientists that study apples are called pomologists.

It takes 5-8 years before a tree produces apples.

How To Paint Apples With Apples

  1. Cut an apple in half straight down the middle/core.  Try to get the cut edge as flat/straight as possible – this will be your apple stamp! Apple Painting Stamp
  2. If you’re doing this with a very small child or a child who doesn’t like to get messy, use this awesome hack for mess free stamping: Make a handle for your apple stamp!!!  You can do this two ways:  Use a corn cob holder if you have one or cut two notches on the outside edge of the apple to create a handle:Half apple with cutout handle for stamping
  3. Pour paint onto your tray or plate.  
  4. Dip your apple stamp into the paint swirling it around to make sure the whole cut edge is covered in paint.  You may have to do one stamp on the bare area of your plate to remove excess paint if your child is very enthusiastic in their dipping efforts!!  This step is some sensory fun because little fingers inevitably end up in the paint!  That’s why it’s on this list of 35 fall sensory activities for toddlers!Apples in paint
  5. Stamp the paint side down on white paper.  Be sure to press hard on all areas of the apple to get the full apple shape. Paint Stamped Apple
  6. Repeat for as many apples as you’d like to make.  If you’re going to make it a game I suggest at least 5 apples!  This is a great opportunity to add in some numeracy and counting!
  7. Let the paint dry – this will take awhile if you’ve got a lot of paint like in the picture above.  That’s okay, make it an apple day using the ways to extend the apple fun at the bottom of this page! Painted Apples with Stems
  8. Once dry, use brown to draw a stem on top and green to add a leaf if you want!
  9. Cut out your apples. Five Painted Apple Shapes

How To Make a Construction Paper Apple Basketconstruction paper apple basket

  1. Cut a basket shape out of brown paper. 
  2. Draw a few vertical lines to make it look like a basket. 
  3. Draw two horizontal lines to complete the apple basket look.

Complete the Apple Painting: Craft or Game??Apple Basket Craft and Game

The choice is yours how you finish this apple painting activity.  Is yours just going to be a craft to display or do you want to turn it into a fun game for your little one? 


Simply glue or tape the apples to the top of the basket and you’re done.   Want to get fancy? You could even get some craft straw/hay to glue on the basket to make it look realistic and add even more sensory fun.  Either way, what a cute fall apple craft!  


Turn the apple basket into a game of pin the tail on the donkey: Pin the Apple in the Basket!   

Custom Pin the Tail on the Donkey games are amazing.  It takes the classic game and refreshes it all year long – a real favourite at our house!  Check out this ultimate list of DIY Pin the Tail on the Donkey themes for how to play all year long! 

How to Play Pin the Apples in the Basket:

  1. Tape your apple basket to the wall at about your child’s arm height. 
  2. Put a piece of tape on the back of each apple.  I suggest using paint tape  as it is sticky, but also easy to remove the apples without ripping the basket so your children can play again and again!
  3.  Blindfold your child, turn them a couple times and see if they can “pin” the apple into the basket!  

It’s a perfect fall or back to school party game for little kids.  Apple barrel pin the tail on the donkey is easy to prep – your kids do most of the work and having fun doing it! Set up in the moment takes only a minute too which is very important with excited little ones all around you.  

Need another fall craft? These Halloween Popsicle Stick Puzzles are another simple fun craft for little ones!

That’s it!  A simple, fun fall apple craft perfect for little ones.  I hope this apple painting is something you have fun making.  Be sure to tag Happy Moments Mom on your social photos! Apple Painting Pin

Want more apple themed fun for preschoolers and toddlers?! Check out this list of many more Awesome Apple Activities for Preschoolers that are NOT all crafts!!  There’s enough things to do for an entire fall of apple fun!

Enjoy a happy moment!

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