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Apple Activities for Preschoolers That Aren’t All Crafts!

Look no further for some amazing, yet easy apple activities for preschoolers you can do right now!  You want apple fun that isn’t only crafts – let’s face it, lots of kids won’t sit still for that!! Well, I’ve created some games, searched the internet and had a lot of fun with my own kiddos to create this list of 10 awesome apple activities for preschoolers. 

This list is special because it isn’t just the same generic apple crafts you’ve seen over and over – most aren’t crafts at all! 

Instead, these are all apple activities that meet the Happy Moments Mom criteria of what makes a successful plan for kids activities: more apple themed fun and less prep for mom!

      • easy
      • cheap
      • educational through play
      • common materials
      • can be done right now – no need to plan

If you aren’t familiar with the mom effort-kid fun balance that everything  on the site uses, take a quick sec and read the planning kids crafts post  then come back knowing for sure that your time will never be wasted by anything on this site! 

Every preschool apple activity here truly is easy to plan and often can be done spur of the moment with your child.  Seriously, we hardly ever plan any of our activities in advance around here!

Child-led fun is the most fun – and that goes for apple activities for preschoolers too!

red apples in a bowl

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Why Only 10 Best Preschool Apple Activities

I’m not being lazy, I promise you!  The list is kept to 10 apple activities for preschool kids on purpose for two very important reasons:

1.  No filler ideas just to get to a big impressive number!  This is only the best and the easiest apple activities you will actually do!!

2. The list doesn’t become overwhelming!  You don’t need 50 things to consider just to end up being frozen by indecision so you don’t pick anything.  Or is that just me?! I really could learn from my daughter who sees something she likes and picks it, done.  Doesn’t matter that there are 50 more options.  She saw something she liked and is ready to go!  

list of apple activities for preschoolers pinterest pin

Like I said, not everything on here is a craft either!  Lots of little ones are NOT going to sit or stand still long enough to make that Pinterest perfect apple tree – as much as I love it and think it’d be so cute!  But some kids will, so I’ve got a couple ideas for you like that too – a combination of cute finished product crafts and fun process craft activities.

The Apple Activities for Preschoolers List Criteria:

In a nutshell, here’s what you can expect from all these simple preschool apple activities I’ve got for you:


Truly.  I mean it. I promise you!  No hidden trick that you can’t figure out, no annoying little apple game detail your child doesn’t understand. 

These are mostly apple activities for preschoolers that you can setup and then let that same preschooler just go to it independently to explore and have fun! 


I don’t know about you, but we pretty much live by the idea that kids crafts and DIY toys are going to be done, enjoyed for a bit then likely recycled, parts reused or thrown out. 

If it can’t be done with things from the dollar store chances are it’s not getting done!  Same for fun outings.  You don’t have to spend a million dollars on fancy outings – many of the fun things kids love are free!  

Simple Materials

This kind of goes with inexpensive because that’s automatically easy to source if it’s a dollar store type of material.  In fact, if you’ve got a basic craft supplies bin you can probably do a lot of these apple activities right now with what you have in your house!


Perhaps the most important!  Some of these preschool apple activities are messy, some are silly, and some are quiet so depending on your child’s mood there’s something fun for everyone.  


At the preschool age pretty much everything is a learning activity.  Literally their whole lives are about soaking up as many experiences and observations as possible and learning from them. 

Learning through play is essential at this age and so easy to incorporate into your apple activities!


So that’s why only 10 ideas here.  Now that you know for sure that every apple activity on this list will truly be easy and awesome because it is curated to be that way, you won’t have to disappoint your child when inevitably they pick the showiest, most difficult activity that no one has supplies for on hand! 

Let’s get to the list!

10 Awesome Apple Activities for Preschoolers


Read Apple Theme Books

Do you have a love of books?  I’ve got a real weakness for books, as in my kids’ bookshelves are overflowing even though we rotate seasonally!  It’s the one “toy” I will pretty much never say no to (within reason!).  Luckily, there are loads of great books about apples!

Check out these links to some of our favourites to easily add to your apple book collection! 

If you’re not in the market to buy new books, check out your local library!  We love our library so much!  You can usually just search on their website and put a hold on the specific books you want, head in and pick them up in  minutes!  Love, love, love the library!!

This book is great!  It’s actually part of a series that you’ll find a book for several seasons with these characters.  Fun apple craft idea after this would be to simply draw the biggest apple your little one can!

A classic and awesome for teaching counting too!  Always fun to follow it up with an apple snack that you try to balance on your head too! 

Do your kids love Peppa?  My son loves to snort like her so since it was so cheap, this one is added to our library! 

I love the bold colours of the illustrations in this book!  And the perfect follow up to this is also on this best apple activities for preschoolers list!

Apple Hide & Seek

This game is a great way to get outside in a fun new way.  Basically borrowing from Easter traditions, simply hide a bunch of apples around your yard and head out to find them! 

At our house we have done this over and over by hiding just 5 apples at a time so that each round they are hidden somewhere new. 

If you’ve got a lot of apples feel free to use real ones.  They can be cleaned off afterwards (or peeled for baking – keep reading for an awesome apple recipe!) and still eaten so they won’t be wasted.  Play the game and then snack right after! 

apple hidden in the grass


No apples? No problem – just make some out of paper!  As long as it’s not wet outside, these work just as well if not better because they can be hidden in some more interesting spots for older kids since they lay flat!  Here’s a free PDF printable page of apples perfect for this game.

Or you can probably get away with just cutting some red apple shapes out of construction paper to make this truly easy. Full honesty, that’s what we do here!

Go Apple Picking

If you’ve never been and have somewhere nearby that you can go you definitely should!  It is so much fun and great for the kids to really see where their food comes from.  T

he smell of the orchard, the crisp fall air, the photo op amongst the rows of trees and the infinitely cute moments of your kidddos grabbing onto those apples and pulling with all their might!  Apple picking is truly a classic fall outing for a reason!

mom and preschoolers apple picking

It can seem pricey when you pay for your apples, but that’s  because you’re paying for apples and the experience.  It’s a good idea to check before you go so you aren’t surprised when you get there!

Yummiest Apple Activities for Preschoolers – Baking

Bonus points if you’re doing this activity after going apple picking!  We definitely always do because the basket when we are picking never seems like it’s that big and then we get home and have millions of apples! Oops!

Also, I’m going to suggest that apple pie is over-rated for baking with apples.  Don’t hate me! 

apple crisp

While apple pie is delicious, you can’t beat an apple crisp for baking with apples – especially if you are baking with little kids!!  Pie crust is a bit tricky for little fingers, whereas apple crisp is so simple, so delicious and the sensory fun for little kids is out of this world. 

Mixing the the crumble, hearing the crunch of the crisp apples, smelling the amazing aromas it fills your house with… oh my, I think I need to go make this now! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Two tips for baking apple crisp with kids: 

  1. They may not have the attention span for the apple cutting – cut the apples alone first
  2. Use the ratio on the recipe for the crumble (equal parts flour & sugar + double the oats) and then you can just make small personal dish size apple crisp which is faster and still leaves your house smelling delicious!

You can use this apple crisp as a food in this fun mystery food game for toddlers that kids love playing over and over! 

Here’s my recipe for apple crisp – well, actually my mom’s, which is really her mom’s – so here’s my gramma’s recipe for apple crisp! *Feel free to cut the amount of sugar, it’s still delicious!*apple crisp recipe

Apple Stamping Game DIY

Another classic in the apple activities for preschoolers list is to cut apples in half and use them for stamping paint.  It’s such fun process art that is also gratifying in that any age child can also then end up with a finished product that looks like something it’s supposed to!  Process art is more fun a lot of the time and developmentally awesome and creative, but sometimes it’s nice for even the littles ones to have that satisfaction of seeing a “real image” at the end!

red apples painted using Stamped Apple Painting Activity for Preschoolers

Now for the game that takes this preschool apple activity over the top- this is not only an art project but also a fun apple game for preschoolers to play again and again this fall: Pin the Apples in the Basket! 

Check out my Apple Painting Craft + Game post for all the fun details PLUS a can’t-miss hack for mess-free paint stamping!

If you like the idea of a fun “Pin On” game, check out my list of 25 DIY Pin The Tail On The Donkey Games For Any Occasion ideas!

Apple Math Fun

You can’t take the teacher out of me even if I’m not teaching right now! And the best way to learn at this stage is through play, so have some apple math fun with your toddler or preschooler today!

Number Matching Apples

These FREE printable math puzzles from are great for little ones learning the values of numbers. 

No printer? No problem – use some red construction paper and make your own!  And hey, you can make it even more fun by giving a prize of some of your apple crisp you made when the puzzles are done!


An easy way to make it fun is to say the apples are in a race and have a “finish line” you’ve drawn at the end of the paper and to get there they need to go in the right order! 

Use real apples of different colours or cut out apple shapes from red and green construction paper.  This can be done in seconds if you fold/layer the paper so you only have to cut once! 

Red and green apple patterns game

Lay the apples out in a pattern like red-green-red-green-red-?-?-? or red-red-green-green-red-red-green-green-?-? and challenge your child continue the pattern with the more shapes to reach the finish line. 

Depending on your child’s understanding, progress to harder patterns with more than two colours – add in some golden delicious yellow apples!  

If you like matching number activities, check out  Ice Cream Learning Games

Apple Bowling

Save 6 toilet paper rolls and grab an apple.  Set up the toilet paper cylinders as bowling pins and start rolling the apple down your homemade lane for some fall bowling fun.  That’s it! It seriously doesn’t get any easier than that. 

Having simple fun together is better than making it a big project if it won’t ever actually get done because of those big plans. 

apple being bowled into toilet paper roll pins

Add in a craft element that’s a perfect open-ended creative one!

  • Paint the toilet paper roll pins – fall colours maybe?
  • Colour with markers or crayons
  • Red stripes like real bowling pins

Don’t want to roll an actual apple?  Maybe you’ve got a toddler that won’t totally get the idea of rolling and not throwing and you’d rather avoid smashed apple on your wall.  Not a problem!  Ball up some red socks and there’s your apple to roll!

Watch an Apple Themed Video

Apple activities for preschoolers are fun and hand-on, but sometimes it’s nice to learn in a different way.  There are lots of great short videos or even episodes of kids shows that are all about apples.  Here are some to check out.  

Short Apple Videos for Little Kids:  

Apple Theme TV Show Episodes for Little Kids: 

  • Paw Patrol – Season 1 Episode 1: Pups Fall Festival – The pups help Farmer Yumi harvest the apples on her farm.  Paw Patrol is on Netflix and other places.
  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie – Season 101 Episode 1: Applesauce – This is the cutest show, my 2 year old absolutely loves it! It’s on Amazon Prime Video – if you don’t have it, get a 30 day free trial here:

Make an Easy Apple Craft

There are loads of apple crafts out there for you to try.  Some make an apple, others make a tree, some are just for the fun of the process and some create a cute end product to put on the wall.  Whatever your favourite type of craft I’ve got a couple great ones here for you that we have done or plan to do at our house with my 2 and 4 year old.

Paper Towel Roll Apple Tree

This cute idea from makes a fun toy too! It calls for using cardboard (save those diaper boxes sometimes!) and velcro dots to make the apples removeable so it’s a toy too, not just a craft! 

And velcro dots are actually easier than glue – I keep some in our craft supplies because it automatically makes things interactive! If you don’t have any, quickly grab these velcro dots that we use here. You get 500 sets for $8 – buy it once and have enough for years!!

Three things that are fantastic about this that make it a Happy Moments Mom kind of craft:

  1. It’s a craft that’s a toy so any extra effort is justified as it easily meets the mom effort/kid fun balance (seriously, if you didn’t read that back at the beginning of this, go check it out now, it’s life-changing and will have you doing more!)
  2. You could make it even easier on yourself by swapping the paint for crayons or markers if you’re not in the mood for a mess.
  3. You could also 100% do this with regular paper towel roll + cardstock/construction paper and glue the apples on to just make it be a fall decoration or toy.  Easier prep and supplies but just as cute! 

Tissue Paper Apple is so right about all the awesome developmental experiences this craft provides when you scrunch up tissues to make a red apple.  It is great for all ages and easy enough kids can do almost everything on their own!  Mom win 🙂 

Personally, I never throw out tissue paper so there’s usually still some Christmas red in our bin even in the fall.  And if not, you can get it at the dollar store!

Easy Fingerprint Apple Tree

This craft from is fun because it lets kids get right in there with fingers in the paint!  It’s the process that’s fun and you might even come out of it with something that looks like a tree! 

This is one I’m doing this week with my 2 year old now while my oldest is at school.

Do Easy Science Apple Activities for Preschoolers

Apples can be useful for several science activities.  Here are two for you that will challenge your child and teach them a whole lot just through play and observation – remember, just being a good observer is doing science all on its own

Apple Engineering

Build an apple tower or an apple house by completing the classic marshmallow-toothpick building activity with apple pieces as your connectors instead! apple toothpick structure

Top tips for this one: 

  1. Don’t use pointy toothpicks for little kids + buy a softer variety of apple to make it easier to put the toothpicks in.  
  2. If your kiddo won’t like the brown colour put some lemon juice on your apple pieces before building

Jumping Apple Seeds

Take the seeds out of an apple and put them in a little bit of water – 1/4cup should be fine.  Add baking soda to the water and the kids can watch it dissolve when you stir.  Next, top up the mixture with some vinegar.  It will react with the baking soda to produce bubbles and the seeds will move up and down being swept up with the bubbles.



There you go, 10 awesome apple activities for preschoolers and only one of them was crafts!  There really are so many things you can do with the fall apple theme that it is one of the best times of the year!  So get to it, have fun with your kids.  Make lots of happy moments happen! 

Share your experiences with me on facebook or follow me on pinterest for more great ideas that are super simple and loads of fun!

Enjoy a happy moment!

❤ Sara

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