two aluminum foil covered egg carton bells hanging on a christmas tree

Easy Christmas Bell Craft + 3 Ways to Use It!

This simple Christmas bell craft for preschoolers is so easy to make it really doesn’t take long and your little one can just go to it having fun decorating it however they like!  That kind of open, creative craft is definitely a favourite at our house.  

Add in that this craft actually has a purpose, not just to stick on your wall or add to your clutter until your child forgets about it and you chuck it… I mean, cherish it forever…definitely that’s what I meant!? two aluminum foil covered egg carton bells hanging on a christmas tree

Nope, this Christmas bell craft has fun and function all in one!  Oh and did I mention costs almost nothing because you’re mostly using recycled materials?!

Read on for the easy step-by-step tutorial!

Christmas Bell Craft Prep Time Fun

While prep for this craft will literally take you under 5 minutes as all you have to do is find the materials and cut up an egg carton, it’s always handy to have some entertainment on hand because we all know the patience of a toddler or preschooler is pretty much non-existent! 

So here’s some fun while you’re prepping, or even to throw in the mix while crafting!

Christmas Bell Fun Facts:

  • The tradition of ringing bells on Christmas Eve was started in Ireland in the 5th Century – that’s over 1500 years ago!
  • Queen Victoria made using bells popular for things other than during church services..
  • The song jingle bells was written in 1857 – that’s over 150 years ago – and was also the first song broadcast from space!

For the full history of bells at Christmas check out Christmas Bells Traditions & History • Christmas Lyn

Christmas Bell Songs: 

Here’s a fun playlist of bells songs for you to listen to look up on YouTube while you make your Christmas bell craft!

  • Jingle Bells
  • Sleigh Ride
  • Now the Bells Ring
  • Carol of the Bells
  • I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day


Easy Christmas Bell Craft Tutorial


  • egg carton
  • ribbon or yarn
  • paint or markers or foil
  • craft jingle bells
  • scissors
  • stickers, sequins, glitter (all optional, but fun to provide in case your kiddo wants to add details)

Step 1: Cut out the egg carton bell shape.

egg carton with dotted line showing where to cut each egg well out

Kids can help with the ripping apart of the egg carton between the egg wells.  Then the adult involved simply snips around the bottom to tidy up the edges.  

Step 2: Decorate the bells.

You’ve got a couple options for this step depending on what supplies you have on hand and how much mess you’re in the mood to have happen!  You’ll need a minimum of two decorated bells but if your child is really into the decorating phase, just make enough for a few finished products.  

Coloured Bells:

Your child can do this however they want to, that’s the beauty of this craft.  Just give them supplies and let them decorate the egg carton pieces however they want!  


I suggest providing:

  • paint + paintbrushes
  • markers or crayons
  • Christmas stickers
  • paper confetti 

Shiny Bells:

This option is also a perfect super quick Christmas craft if your child just NEEDS to do a craft RIGHT NOW and you aren’t actually in the mood.  The whole thing, from set-up to ready to display, can take under 10 minutes and is super low-key with almost no clean up!

All you have to do is cut a piece of foil big enough to wrap around the egg carton well and wrap it.  Quickly done, but the scrunching is fun!

foil circle around egg carton piece then wrapped around it

The shiny foil decoration is a great sensory experience for even young toddlers because it doesn’t actually have to be neatly done to look good and provides several sensory moments:

  • Sight – shiny foil paper
  • Sound – crinkle of the paper when scrunched
  • Touch – smooth foil, then as it is scrunched it changes to bumpy 

Like foil crafts? Check out these Easy Space Crafts too!

Step 3: Make the Bell Ring

This may be more of an adult step to get to the final product but it only takes a moment.  

  1. Tie a craft jingle bell to the end of a piece of ribbon.  There should be a loop on the bell to thread your ribbon through to tie it. This is a great opportunity for learning through play for older preschool kids who are learning to tie. ribbon tied to a jingle bell laced through the top of an egg carton Christmas bellThe size of the bell doesn’t matter as long as it fits in the egg carton hole.  We used tiny ones because we had them from some other fun Christmas loose parts activities we did.  Bigger ones would probably make a bigger ringing sound.
  2. Using the point of your scissors make a small hole at the top of the bell.  You want it to be just big enough for your ribbon to fit through.  Thread your ribbon through so the bell part sits hidden inside the egg carton bell shape. scissors poking hole through top of egg carton bell

Step 4: Make the Christmas bell hanger

two egg carton bells attached by tied ribbon

Now that you have bells with ribbons, cut the ribbon on them at varying heights so one bell hangs down below the other.  A quick knot and you’re done, unless you’re feeling fancy or are able and want to do a fancy bow.  But if you don’t mention it, your kids likely won’t look for it and voila quick know and you’re done! 


3 Ways To Use Your Christmas Bell Craft for Preschoolers

Like I said, this craft is great for its creative opportunities, but also because it shouldn’t just end up cluttering your countertop like some others do.  Which is especially nice at Christmas when you’ve got all those extra decorations and other things out and just the mental clutter of keeping everything organized!  Here are the 3 ways to use your completed Christmas bells.

Christmas Bell Tree Ornament


two aluminum foil covered egg carton bells hanging on a christmas tree


These look great on the Christmas tree just hanging the ribbon over a branch.  The shiny kind even reflect the lights!  We always do a tiny tree in each kid’s room and they love making the decorations for it – these are perfect for that!

Christmas Door Hanger

two egg carton bells attached by a ribbon hanging over a doorknob

These bells adorned each of our kids’ doors all through the Christmas season (except sometimes at bedtime when it wasn’t going well and even one little noise couldn’t happen haha).  They loved the jingle ever time the door moved – if you know the line in It’s A Wonderful Life, lots of angels got their wings this month thanks to my kids!!

Side note – if you’re wondering about the notes all over the door, check out how I write a daily December note to my kids! Best Christmas tradition ever!

Christmas Wrapping Decoration

Slip these onto the ribbon of a gift for the grandparents and it’s a decoration and gift all in one for them to use it as an ornament! 


Enjoy the happy sounds of the season of your kids happily crafting and then the bells ringing a merry tune! This Christmas bell craft for preschoolers is great for big kids too so perfect for a family with kids at different ages and stages.  Merry Christmas!

Enjoy a happy moment,


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