paper star note saying Hi! Happy December. We will have fun this month. Love, Mommy in front of a Christmas tree

Daily Christmas Message for Kids:  The Unique Christmas Tradition You Need to Connect

A morning Christmas message for kids is one of the best Christmas traditions you can start with your family!  Writing a daily Christmas message for kids is a way of having your child wake up everyday feeling festive, excited and most importantly very loved all though the busy month of December.

It is fun to start it with your toddler and only becomes more meaningful to continue as your child grows older and the Christmas season gets busier and busier!

paper star Christmas note in front of a Christmas tree

What Exactly Is a Daily Christmas Message for Kids?

Let me tell you…a daily Christmas message is about to be your new favourite Christmas tradition!

It is exactly what it says  – a note or message you write and leave for your child to find and read everyday in December.  It is  a great way to add some magic to the Christmas season that comes from YOU.

paper christmas notes of assorted festive shapes

Your child will love your Christmas message because it’s a fun, festive surprise that appears overnight everyday in December.

Why Start a Christmas Message for Kids Tradition?

This is truly one of the most meaningful Christmas traditions for kids that you can start for so many reasons!

  • Works for all ages, toddler – teenager
  • Cheap – paper, a pen, scissors and some tape are all you really need
  • Creates connection – a daily check-in during a busy season
  • Focussed on people, memories and relationships, not things
  • Cherished memories – I’ve actually got a few notes from when I was a kid saved and love reading them every few years.

And of course, it’s lots of fun because you make the notes Christmas shapes and designs so it’s a different surprise shape everyday!  Your kids will always be wondering what it will be next and look forward to finding their note everyday!

Sounds Great, But Isn’t It A Lot of Work?!

NOPE!  I promise you it is really VERY EASY!  

If you’ve read other ideas on Happy Moments Mom, you know I’m all about a balance of effort and enjoyment and that effort needs to be worth it!   I assure you, it takes 15 minutes once then just a couple each evening.  Your chid will spend more time enjoying the notes than your effort making them. 

Plus the little effort these Christmas messages for kids take is worth it a million times over with the warm fuzzy feelings they create!  

child in front of wall filled with shaped christmas messages

And, lucky you, I’ve done this for a few years now plus received these notes for 15 years or so – yep, the photo above is me at maybe age 11 with my notes! You’ll get everything you need to help you prep it below.  Keep reading, I’ve got you covered!

How to Make a Daily Christmas Message for Kids

A tiny bit of prep at the end of November makes for smooth sailing all of December!  Seriously, about 15 minutes end of December and you’re all set up.

Step 1: Prep all of your note shapes 

This avoids any last minute looking for construction paper and scissors at 5am because you forgot the note that day!!  I mean, no guarantees you may be writing one at 5am if you forgot, but at least you won’t be trying to operate scissors at that hour and hurt yourself lol.

construction paper snowman, star, stocking, mitten, candy cane and ornament Now you may be thinking: “How do I think of 24 different Christmas shapes for notes?!”  This is the easiest part for you…. YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!! 

I’ve done it for you.  Well, I suppose in full honesty actually my mom did it for all of us since I use the same ideas that she made for me when I was little!  So here they are:

December Christmas Messages Shapes:

    1. angel
    2. wreath
    3. Christmas tree
    4. star
    5. Santa hat
    6. stocking
    7. candle
    8. bell
    9. sleigh
    10. reindeer
    11. snowman
    12. mitten
    13. gingerbread cookie
    14. Christmas card (an actual card or make one)
    15. note paper or wrapping paper (not a shape, literally cut out a piece of fun wrapping paper design!)
    16. note paper or wrapping paper (yep, this is great for a couple notes because you probably have multiple wrapping paper designs!)
    17. gift box
    18. Holly & berries
    19. snowflake
    20. snowball (yes, this is a white circle…if you crinkle the paper it looks more like one)
    21. skate
    22. candy cane
    23. HoHoHo
    24. Nativity scene (just the main stable outline really…)
    25. poinsettia
    26. heart
    27. ornament (ball)
    28. Christmas light bulb

See, easy!! There are 28 ideas there and only 24 days you need to do!  Just get some construction paper out and start drawing and cutting.

Quick tips for your Christmas note shapes:

  1. Don’t overthink it!  As you can see by mine in the photos this isn’t about being a perfect piece of art or anything – most of them are very simple outlines!  By the time they’re older enough to be more critical you’ll have done it a bunch of times and gotten good at it lol.
  2. Size – Typically I would use something a half-sheet of paper maximum but usually more like 1/3.  Not too big or you have to write a lot!!  Not too small either though or they aren’t impressive to find on the door or wall wherever you make them appear.
  3. Symmetry – Take advantage of it when you can! Snowman, angel, wreath, light bulb and several others are made een easier by folding your paper in half and cutting!

Step 2: Write a Christmas message every night in December.

The main difficulty with writing notes isn’t the writing, but the remembering!  Mom life is busy and you’ve got a million things on your mind, especially this time of year!  The key to not forgetting is to keep the shapes somewhere you will see them before going to bed – or, since it’s 2021 setting a reminder on your phone every night!! Once you’ve got that, the writing itself is easy!

Your notes can be as short or as long as you want them to be or as is appropriate for your child’s age.  That’s part of the beauty of these Christmas messages for kids – they work for every age and stage so it’s something you can do all throughout your kiddo’s childhood.  They also work for as much or as little effort and energy you’ve got to put into it on any given night!

A toddler note may be only one line, little kids a couple sentences, right up to a whole paragraph for older kids.  Whatever works for you and your family!

mom and toddler opening christmas message together

How to Write Toddler Christmas Messages:

For young toddlers it’s mostly about finding the fun shape really so those notes for the littlest kids might simply follow a simple formula like: Date – Message – Love,______

Some Christmas messages for toddlers might be as simple as:

    • Merry Christmas!
    • Good morning!
    • I love you!
    • Have a good day!
    • What will we do today?
    • Let’s do _____ today!

Honestly, a toddler n0te takes only a minute because it’s short and sweet!  But it IS a fantastic literacy exercise too to expose your young child to letters and repetitive words like names and “I love you.

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How To Write School Age Kids Christmas Messages

These notes get to be a little bit longer, but still include repetition as it is very helpful for early readers too!

Same structure applies too: Date – Message – Love, ___ 

Yes, including the date is important!  It teaches about structure of a proper letter, it teaches how to write a date, it reviews numbers, and….it provides the date for the special ones you save every year!

Ideas for what your message can talk about:

    • plans for the day
    • an event that happened yesterday
    • thank your child for something they did the day before
    • tell your child you’re proud of something they did the day before
    • remind your child of something fun they need to do to help for the holidays
    • ask what your child is excited about today (starts their day off positively)
    • ask if your child has a gift idea for ___ (a family member, friend, teacher)


How to Write Christmas Messages for Teenagers:

Yes, I know most of you may be parents of very young children as usually we’re talking toddlers and preschoolers here at Happy Moments Mom, but remember when you start a tradition you’re signing on for a long term project!

This tradition is one that honestly just becomes more and more valuable as kids get older and even into their teenage years!


You may be wondering how on earth I could know that since my own kids aren’t teenagers – well I was one and got these notes as a teenager, plus I taught high school for 6 years before moving to elementary when I moved.  So yeah, I know how teenagers may like to just:

      • stay in their room
      • play video games
      • talk to their friends
      • occasionally roll their eyes at you…

And honestly, it’s developmentally normal that peer relationships at this age are becoming more important to them than other relationships – as hard as that is for us parents…sigh.

mom hugging teenager in front of christmas tree

But what if even at that stage of becoming more and more independent, you can have a moment of connection everyday?  An easy way to make sure your teenager knows:

    • you’re there for them even if at the moment they’re too cool to hang out with you as much
    • you’re interested in what’s going on in their lives
    • you listen when they tell you things (by referencing them in the notes)
    • they’re an important part of the family (reminders of family events + plans)
    • you love them

The fun thing about Christmas is even the coolest teenager has memories of the magic when they were a kid and may want to capture a bit of that childhood innocence when things are dramatic and big in their own teenage lives.

Step 3:  Put the Christmas message up on your child’s door or wall.

To create the element of surprise every night tape the note up for your child to find.  We use the door so there’s no risk of waking a sleeping child – no one wants that!!!  You can either leave the notes up there or move them elsewhere and just have the new one appear daily.

    • door full of christmas messages of different shapes

 We like to keep them all on the door, adding one at a time to create a whole wall of them because it makes it more interesting to find the new one everyday! Kind of like a daily I Spy game ๐Ÿ™‚  They make fun kids room decorations too!

Tips for Success with Christmas Messages for Kids

Read Together With Little Ones

This is a perfect opportunity for reading skills development in younger kids.  The letters have a lot of repetitive words and structures, can learn about dates, their name, your name…so much opportunity!

Strategic Shape Choices:

Choose your shape based on what you’ll be writing about or what is happening that day.

  • Going to get your Christmas tree? Use the tree shape!
  • Christmas baking in the day’s plans?  Perfect time for that Christmas cookie shape!
  • Snow in the forecast?  Bring out the snowman shape!
  • Someone’s birthday in December?  Make one of the notes a balloon or a cake!
  • Christmas Eve? Nativity scene is always that day at our house


Personalize Your Shapes:

Yes, you’ve got 28 ideas here for Christmas shapes, but maybe you have a special tradition that’s unique to you!  Or maybe you’re not religious and won’t use the nativity scene…because they’re just fun simple shapes it’s easy to customize!

  • Maybe you go the movies? Do a popcorn bag
  • Love the Grinch? Do his head shape
  • Love Christmas music or your child sings in a choir? Make a music note the day of the Christmas concert

star Christmas note with title Christmas Notes The Most Meaningful Tradition for Kids

Siblings Shapes:

Don’t make your life harder or cause any arguments.  Use the same shape for all kids each day!

Guest Authors

If you have a partner in parenting, share the note writing.

  • If one parent is going to be away for work or something, have them write a note in advance and make sure your child gets a note from them while they are gone.
  • Maybe a grandparent wants to join in the fun some day.
  • For older kids, siblings could write to each other once or twice!

Most of all, remember to have fun with this!! It isn’t meant to be a chore or a hardship!  The lasting connection and momories you are making with your child is 100% a million times over worth the bit of effort every year!  This I promise you ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy a happy moment,

โค Sara

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