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Top 10 Cute Narwhal Activities + Toys

So your child loves cute narwhals?! These unicorns of the sea really are so much fun so look no further.  Here is the ultimate list of cute narwhal craft and activities ideas plus some awesome narwhal toys for little kids.

There are enough activities here for you to enjoy nothing but narwhals for as long as your kiddo is obsessed with them!

Whether it’s a cute narwhal craft, narwhal coloring page, narwhal book, narwhal TV show, narwhal fun facts or anything else narwhal – here it is for you!pinterest pin with cute happy blue cartoon narwhal

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Why Do Kids Love Narwhals?

Honestly, you might say that the narwhal is totally stealing some of the unicorn’s shine as far as popularity!

They’ve become a bit of a magical creature to kids just by proxy of having a horn like the sparkly magical unicorns that so many kids love because, well – magic.  Magic kind of wins everything according to little kids!

  • So never mind that narwhals really just have a big tooth, not a horn.
  • Never mind that they are very much real, living in the arctic not some mythical sparkle glitter island like unicorns.
  • And of course, never mind that they’re you know, a swimming whale not a horse-like creature.

Narwhals are totally riding the popularity wave of unicorns because in a kid’s mind they’re as close as you can get so they must be the same, right?

Whatever the reason, narwhals are super popular with kids so let’s dive right in shall we to the best cute narwhal things little kids will love! (See what I did there?! hehe)


Sing Along With a Cute Narwhal Song

NARWHAL & JELLY Song by Emily Arrow (book by Ben Clanton) – YouTube

Cute Narwhal Activities: Adorable Coloring Books

There is a wealth of narwhal coloring books out there for your kiddo to enjoy!

Here are the best cute narwhal coloring books I found for you to shop on Amazon:

Coloring Book Cover with cute narwhal and title Narwhals Unicorns of the Sea  Book Cover with title Narwhals are Real Coloring Book and cute narwhals with a rainbow  Coloring Book Cover Page showing a narwhal dressed as a mermaid and the title Narwhal Coloring Book

Learn About Real Narwhals

Check out this short video from National Geographic that can teach your child about the real narwhals – not the magical, mystical creatures they’ve become in children’s fiction!  (Although I do love those ones too – keep reading for some excellent preschool narwhal books!)

Magical Narwhal Math

Make some preschool math fun with narwhals! Counting, sorting, comparing and making patterns – lots of great ways to use these printable narwhal math sheets! Sign up to get these easy narwhal activities and the Happy Moments Mom newsletter full of more great ideas!

pink, purple and blue narwhals counting sheet


Try these cute kindergarten lunch notes – if your child loves narwhals they’ll love a cute note at school!

Read Cute Narwhal Books

One of my favourite ways to extend a theme (or even create one!) that the kids love to explore is to read loads of books about it.  Luckily for your little narwhal fan there are loads of great options for narwhal books for preschoolers!

Here are a few of our favourites to add to your narwhal library!  While I mention it, don’t forget to check your local library for these narwhal book titles too!

Book cover with swimming unicorn and title Not Quite Narwhal

Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

Our favourite – a wonderful book about being unique and having supportive friends & family! Love this book!

Book cover with happy narwhal and title That's not my narwhal That’s not my narwhal…

The narwhal version of these Usborne sensory books is great for your youngest little reader!

Book Cover with cute narwhal and title Oh NO, Narwhal! Oh No, Narwhal! 

With bright illustrations and fun rhymes and a story about inclusion this book is perfect for preschoolers!

Book cover with white narwhal and green fish with title Wendell the Narwhal

Wendell the Narwhal by Emily Dove

Your child will love participating to make the music soundsin this cute story!


 Hands-on Cute Narwhal Activities: Craft Time

plain wooden narwhal shapes to paint

Get these plain wooden narwhal shapes and let your child go wild with their creativity!  Open ended creative crafts like this are great because they allow for your little one to explore freely different textures, colours and craft processes.

You can also do a quick pinterest or google search and find lots of cute paper narwhals if that’s more your thing!

Pretend to BE a Narwhal

The simplest things can become such a fun creative playtime activity!  You don’t need a fancy narwhal costume, all you need is a few supplies you likely have around the house anyway.  With a little imagination, your child can be turned into a narwhal and swim around the house!

Narwhal Costume Materials:

  • paper party hat
  • poster board (or a big piece of brown parcel paper or wrapping paper)
  • long ribbon, string or yarn

How to Make a Narwhal Costume:

  1. Have your child lie down on the poster board or large piece of sturdy paper.  Draw a narwhal tail shape a little wider than their legs but ending a little shorter than their legs – don’t want your little narwhal tripping and hurting their tusk!
  2. Cut out the tail and cut a slit about 2 inches in from the sides on either side at the top (the waist part of the tail).
  3. Thread your yarn or ribbon through the two slits to create a belt.  Voila – narwhal tail that just ties on like a belt or an apron!
  4. To make the tusk (horn) simply use a paper party hat from the dollar store worn a bit forward instead of at the top of your child’s head.  We actually found unicorn horn party hats meant to be worn forward on your forehead that would be perfect!  Yes, I know – the tusk isn’t actually coming out of their head, but odds are your little one ‘s a fan of the magical unicorn of the sea version  of a narwhal so this will work perfectly!

Play With a Cute Narwhal Toy

This adorable plush narwhal toy is the cutest thing and is actually reversible!


This toy is absolutely amazing – an interactive narwhal pet!! How unbelieveably cool is that?

For the littlest narwhal lover, this cute bath toy is a perfect choice!

Watch a Narwhal TV Show

Narwhals are so popular so several kids shows have episodes that feature them!  Here are three of our favourites!

Check your streaming service – in Canada all of these shows are available on Netflix.

  • The Octonauts and the Narwhal – Season 1 Episode 17
  • Wild Kratts – The Mystery of the Two Horned Narwhal –  Season 4 Episode 12
  • Justin Time – The Northwest Shortcut – Season 2 Episode 5B

Do A Narwhal Science Experiment:

This STEM narwhal toy is a perfect science activity for narwhals.  The crystal horn and tail growing is just like the agic that kids associate with cute narwhal characters so they will love seeing it come to life!

There you have it, 10 awesome narwhal activities to do with your little kids! Some magical, some scientific and real – all are sure to please the little narwhal fan in your life!

blue background with two cute pink narwhals and a heart

Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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