Easy Space Crafts: 3,2,1…Blastoff to Fun!

There is just something about space that every child loves so easy space crafts are a must! Stars are sparkly, rocket ships blasting off is like an explosion and therefore cool, and the movement of the planets is like a dance.  Space truly is awesome when you think about it, and if you’re like me you’ve thought about it a lot because your child loves it! And because I’m a science teacher and love this stuff too 🙂

My children went through a real space phase recently so we did lots of fun easy space crafts like a rocket ship, planet, moon and others that I’m sharing with you today for your own little astronaut in training to do!

The Best Part of These Easy Space Crafts

The best part about these crafts is that they actually are so, so easy!! Actually, no, the best part of these easy space crafts might actually be the open-ended creativity of some of them! Or maybe it’s that they are perfect for both little toddlers (my youngest was 18 months when we did these) and for older preschoolers too!

Basically, these paper space crafts are a great example of what Happy Moments is all about – fun, happy moments that are simple for mom to make happen!

Getting Ready for Easy Space Crafts:

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Get your kids involved in helping plan! They can assemble craft materials, choose colours and sizes, and cut shapes if old enough! For the few moments your kids need to be entertained while you get the things below ready, I’ve got you covered.  The Prep Time Fun section has some fun facts, jokes and tongue twisters to the right to keep the space theme fun going until everything is all set!

These easy space crafts require the following simple materials:

easy space crafts supplies of construction paper, aluminum foil, scissors, glue and crayons

  • construction paper – black, white + colours of choice
  • scissors
  • glue and/or tape
  • crayons or markers
  • toilet paper roll (or paper towel)
  • aluminum foil
  • space stickers (nice to have, but not necessary! We got these cute ones at Michael’s)

Prep Time Fun:

Kids Space Jokes

What do astronauts eat at noon? -Launch!

How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep? -Rocket!

What’s a cow’s favourite place in space? -The MOOn!

What’s an astronaut’s favourite chocolate bar? -A Mars bar!

Are the jokes a hit? Find tons of space jokes here!

Fun Space Facts for Kids:

man walking on moonThere is no wind on the moon so footprints made by astronauts will be there for more than a million years!

A shooting star isn’t really a star! It is a meteor burning up as it hits Earth’s atmosphere.  But go ahead and make a wish anyway!

space shuttle launch

There have been 345 human spaceflight attempts, all in the last 60 years.

Space Tongue Twisters:

Max and Mimi make moon music.

Ping painted pretty purple planets.

Ashley the astronaut ate an alien’s apple.

“There are no passengers on spaceship Earth. We are all crew.”  – Marshall McLuhan

1. Shiny Stars Rocket Ship



construction paper rocket ship craft with circular coloured planet and rocket ship on black paper with aluminum foil stars

A little bit of aluminum foil adds lots of shiny detail to this very easy space craft idea! 

Cut one spaceship shape, one large planet circle, one flame and several aluminum foil stars.

Definitely layer the foil so you cut multiple stars at once. I’ll be honest, it can tear easily and can be annoying.  The aluminum foil can also be tricky for the littlest fingers – sub it out for some yellow paper if it’s not going well!

This easy space craft doesn’t take very long to do, so then I handed my kiddos the markers and I absolutely love how much creativity that added! My youngest, as you can see, just coloured everything in sight because he was so thrilled I gave him a marker not crayon! My oldest drew herself on the planet and came up with a whole story to go with it!

Shoutout to St. Catharines Public Library where we first did this craft during virtual story time! Highly recommend checking out their Virtual Circle Time videos.  The week 9 one is all about outer space!

2. Moon Landing Scene


It does not get any easier than this easy space craft.  Seriously, this one is for those days when no one has slept well so everyone is cranky. 

white semicircle moon shape on black paper decorated with stickers as an easy space craft idea

All you have to do is cut one white semi-circle for your kiddo to glue on black paper and suddenly you have a moon they can use to create a scene on to their heart’s content.  Use some fun space stickers like these ones or hand over the pencil case of crayons and markers and let them go to it!

Beyond easy and quick to set up (literally, cut one thing!), with the right motivation of creating excitement for them to make up a story to tell with it, this craft actually can take longer than the two minutes it looks like it did! 

And hey, if you’re feeling energetic to cut out one more thing…do it again with a red semi-circle and you’ve got Mars, blue and you’re on Venus, etc. You could make a whole space adventure story of an alien or themselves visiting all the planets of the solar system if your kids are into it!

Come to think of it, maybe I’ll keep these to extend to that next time space comes up!




3. Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Ship

This easy space craft takes one minute to cut a few shapes and then with your help about 5 minutes for your preschooler to make.  

easy space crafts toilet paper roll rocket ship

But it is one of the best kind of crafts  for the mom effort vs. kid fun balance – it becomes a toy!!

Bring a Lego, Little People person or animal to the craft table to fit inside and blast off to the moon. It might be all your kids need to plant the seed of showing them how they can play with the rocket so they will take it from there and enjoy this easy space craft for hours! 

Toilet Roll Craft Tips:

  1. It involves me a bit more, but using clear tape instead of glue seems help all the pieces stay together better on the curved surface.  Make sure to fold the tape over any edges of the paper too to prevent ripping.
  2. Keep a little bin in your bathroom storage area for empty rolls.  It is very easy to have the habit of keeping them when you change the roll, so you always have this material on hand, but don’t go crazy saving too many! If the bin is full the roll goes right to recycling.

All of these space crafts can be open-ended and creative, but are so simple to plan and do!  I’d love to see how yours turn out!  Drop a picture in the comments or tag me @happymomentsmom when you show off your kiddo’s work on facebook!

Looking for more easy construction paper crafts??

Check out these easy ice cream crafts too!!  

Keep the Space Fun Going…

Is your little one still going on about how amazing space is after making one of these creative crafts? Then don’t stop now! As always, I’m here for you with ideas to follow up your craft time with other fun things to do using the same theme!

  1. Check out NASA Kids Club for some more activity ideas, games, printable colouring sheets and amazing videos of real space footage!
  2. Read a book about space, aliens or rocket ships! If you don’t have any at home, find a free digital one on a library site like MagicBlox or if you don’t have plans, head out to take a look at your local library.  I personally recommend The Darkest Dark by Chris Hadfield, a Canadian astronaut who was commander of the International Space Station.
  3. Have a big cardboard box lying around the house? Turn it into a spaceship! No box? No problem – make a fort out of sheets and let that be the spaceship! Pop on a bike helmet or a special hat and bam, your toddler is an astronaut off to explore other planets…otherwise known as the living room, the kitchen, and all the other rooms! So much fun!
  4. Watch a show about space.  It is such a popular topic that a lot of the most popular shows have an episode based on space.  Just do a quick search to find out which one in which season – so much better than scrolling through the episodes list! Do you know how many seasons of Paw Patrol we are up to now?!

Have a happy day!  

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