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Easy Father’s Day Craft & Gift Combos

Need a cute but easy Father’s Day craft gift?  Not to worry, here is the perfect gift idea for Dad:  a cute craft that will both tug at Dad’s heartstrings and be an awesome gift they will love!!  It’s all kinds of awesome with very little effort (or crafty skill) required!  Perfect for a busy mom and kids and exactly the kind of craft project Happy Moments Mom is all about

Add in the coordinating gift item from the guide below and you’ve got yourself one thoughtful and useful Father’s Day gift any dad will love! 

This Father’s Day gift is so easy you can be click to buy everything online, do a quick curbside pickup – no dealing with toddlers in and out of car seats! – and be home to craft in no time. 

Honestly, as a mom if one things lasts from the Covid pivots businesses made, let’s hope it’s curbside pickup.  It makes errands fast, easy, and done!

Father’s Day Gift Part 1: The Craft

Clay Handprint Coasters

Who doesn’t love a little baby or toddler handprint craft?! To quote my 4 year old: “Bad guys, that’s who!”.  Such a sweet gift, you’ll find SO MANY cutesy crafts that use them.  They’re great!  But at some point a parent faces the question of “Now what do I do with it?!” 

This gift answers that question easily: You put a drink on it!  The perfect combination of adorable and practical – kind of like a lot of dads themselves!  It is also loads of fun for the kids to create so it’s a win-win!

How to Make Clay Coasters:

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  • Polymer Clay
  • Parchment Paper
  • Rolling Pin (Glass bottle works too)
  • Craft Paint & Paintbrushes
  • Circle Cutout & Knife 
  • Fine Sand Paper (just in case yours isn’t smooth – if the edges of yours are, you don’t need this!)
  • Clear Sealant (We used Mod Podge)
  • Felt & Glue

child rolling clay to make it soft

rolling and cutting clay coaster

painting coaster with handprint

felt circle on bottom and handpainted finished coasters

Here’s a video tutorial by Living to DIY with Rachel Metz for how to make painted polymer clay coasters.  The idea and steps are the same, but you are going to put paint on your child’s hand and have them press on the coaster. 

I didn’t show it, but it’s always nice to add your child’s name and the year/their age to a gift like this too! 


Another paint idea for if your child is bigger and their handprint would make a giant coaster, you could use two thumbprints to make hearts like this: thumbprint heart

Or, like my 4 year old, just have fun painting whatever your kiddo wants on it for Dad! 

That’s it! It took us about 15minutes plus time in the oven to bake them the night before.  The painting took no time at all the next morning or could take longer if you have a little Picasso.  A little bit more mom effort than our usual crafts, like this list of easy ice cream crafts, but Dad deserves a little something special!

Part 2: Dad’s Favourite Drink 

The beauty of making a coaster is it works for just about any Dad because it works for any drink!  Whether it is beer, wine, scotch, coffee, tea or even a healthy smoothie, this works!  Non-alcoholic, alcoholic, hot, cold, you name it – it can (and maybe should?!) go on a coaster! 

Go with a tried-and-true favourite or ask for advice at your local shop on something new to try based on others you know he likes.  Usually this ends up being something he can enjoy not just on Father’s Day, but over and over again before the bottle or bag is empty.  Lots of time to sit and think about his wonderful kiddos (and wonderful you for organizing!) with no clue that it was a last minute Father’s Day gift!

Part 3: Finishing Touches Father’s Day Gift Guide

Perfect your Father’s Day gift by adding a themed item Dad will love.  In our house it is often a book, but anything on theme works! Luckily for you , I’ve already done the hard work of coming up with ideas for you!

Canadian readers are even luckier because at the time of publishing everything on this list is showing as available in store for a curbside pickup at Chapters/Indigo so you can get it in time for Sunday.  You’ll just have to verify it is at your local store, click, curbside pickup and done!

For the Beer Lover Dad:

Beer Boot Glass
Such a fun novelty – feel like it’s Oktoberfest all year long: $24.50


Hockey Stick Bottle Opener
Perfect for the playoffs! $12
Beer Book for Dad
Inspire Dad to taste the world! $28.68

For the Wine Connoisseur Dad: 

Electric Corkscrew Father's Day Gift
Combining Wine & Fun Gadget in One: $59.50
Insulated Wine Tumbler
I have a similar one of these and love it! Perfect for the patio: $14.62
Father's Day gift wine book
THE Wine Book, a #1 Bestseller: $70


For the Caffeinated Dad: 

Balzac's Father's Day Gift Set
Balzac’s is a favourite around here! $28
Portable Cold Brew Coffee Maker
My husband has this and loves it!! $59.50


Balzac's Espresso
Espresso – A little extra kick for the busy dad: $15.95


For the Tea Time Dad: 

Good Morning Handsome Mug
I have one of these (different saying lol) and they fit a nice big cup of tea! $12
Tea Sampler
Help Dad find a new favourite! $18


Tea Mug with Strainer
I need this mug! Built in strainer for loose leaf AND a cover! $22


There you have it, the perfect gift last minute Father’s Day craft and gift!  A cute handmade craft from the kiddos and a treat paired with it.  Dad will love it (and you!).  Happy Father’s Day everyone!

Want a cool craft you can do with Dad on Father’s Day?! 

Check out these easy space crafts!

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