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Free Remembrance Day Colouring Pages for Little Kids

Remembrance Day is on November 11th so here are some simple free Remembrance Day colouring pages for you to use with your little kids to honour the occasion in an age appropriate way.

Since it’s a holiday that’s more about thoughtful, thankful reflection and not celebration it’s good to keep the crafts and arts in that same mentality. field of poppies

These Remembrance Day colouring pages are a quiet, peaceful activity that introduces key symbols of Remembrance Day plus some of the bigger ideas of why it’s important such as peace. 

How Do You Explain Remembrance Day to Little Kids?

The reasons for having Remembrance Day are pretty heavy topics for really young children.  While it’s important to be truthful and teach things factually, it’s also important to do it in an age appropriate way.  

Often for little kids this means going with the big picture and leaving out specific details. 

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For Remembrance Day you can focus on being thankful for feeling safe, being free to do things we enjoy and explain that you can do that because brave veterans fought against people who wanted to not let people do that.   

There’s no need to go into the horrific violence of wars at this young age, but when asked be truthful.  ou can acknowledge that in order to say no to such “mean ideas” as not letting people be who they are and do what they want, soldiers were/are willing to get hurt or even die because our freedom and safety was/is worth that and so we are very, very thankful for those people.  

If you have to go into those details, make sure your focus is on the fact that your child is currently safe to not cause stress.  

You can also use some children’s books to explain or Veteran’s Affairs Canada has some good Remembrance Day resources too.  

Why Remembrance Day Colouring Pages?

Remembrance Day naturally offers a time for quiet reflection and that is a healthy part of self-care for all people.  Mindfulness and slowing down is so important for children too.  

Remembrance Day colouring page image of cenotaph with poppies and trumpet

By making Remembrance Day theme activities more quiet and peaceful themselves it allows:

  • quiet time to have chat about the bigger themes 
  • a safe way to introduce big ideas of Remembrance Day
  • learning about symbols like the poppies they see around them this time of year
  • understanding that it’s not a celebration like other holidays

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Uses For Remembrance Day Colouring Pages:

You can use these colouring pages in many ways depending on your role – parent at home or teacher.

Parent at Home:

  • Introduce Remembrance Day + Have Great Conversations
  • Quiet Time/Before Nap Activity 
  • After Dinner Quiet Activity
  • Play A Game – Once they’re coloured spread them out and have your child run to find certain one (this helps learn the symbols and their names.)
  • Math Activities: Count the Poppies, What Page has the Most/Fewest Poppies
  • Letter Activities: Identify first letter of each symbol, Find letters on the page

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And let’s be honest, Remembrance Day colouring pages are also SUPER useful if you are attending any Remembrance Day ceremonies and your little one gets restless! 

You know it can be so hard for little kids to stay quiet and still. 

Give them a few colouring pages and some crayons and while your child may not be 100% listening and participating, they aren’t actually being disrespectful because their quiet activity is still about the day and its meaning. 


  • Play Colouring Centre (letters, fine motor, colours/art – lots of learning when colouring)
  • Available for students who finish tasks early
  • Colour and decorate the classroom or the school assembly area

And probably a bunch of other ways that fit into how you specifically have your classroom organized!

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Making the Remembrance Day Colouring Pages Age Appropriate

Like you read in the explanation of Remembrance Day for little kids, I’m of the less details more overall theme of kindness, thankfulness and appreciating the lives we are able to have.  

Remembarnce Day colouring page with poppies to colour

So in these free Remembrance Day colouring pages the main thing is I’ve minimized the images of any weapons – only one page has a small outline of soldiers carrying rifles.  They also have lots of big open colouring space for the littles kids. 

Remembrance Day Colouring Pages Download


To download your free Remembrance Day colouring pages, click the button:   

Download Your FREE PDF Remembrance Day Colouring Pages Here

While I do sell some printables, these Remembrance day printables are 100% free – it is my opinion that profiting from Remembrance Day would be completely unethical. You don’t even have to sign up for my newsletter/email list to get them.

If you like them though and don’t want to miss out on other printables + easy kids crafts and activities, I suggest you do sign up – it only goes out once a week max and is something I do genuinely to try and help other busy parents like me!

Remembrance Day Poem In Flanders Fields on a scroll

The colouring pages PDF is sized to 8.5×11 but if you’re a teacher and wanted any of the images larger for classroom decoration you can do that at your local copy store, no problem.

Please remember, these Remembrance Day colouring pages are made by me and for your own personal use or use in your classroom only.  They are 100% free – it is my opinion that profiting from Remembrance Day would be completely unethical.

Another Meaningful Remembrance Day Activity for Kids:

Just a little sidenote of an initiative from Veteran’s Affairs that I learned about while teaching, but would make a nice family Remembrance Day activity to do together with your kids too.  

It’s called Postcards for Peace.  You can get postcards and write messages to veterans or current members serving in the Canadian Armed Forces.  The website provides contact information for various organizations that collect the postcards and distribute them to veterans.  

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Enjoy a peaceful moment,

❤ Sara

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