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Spooktacular DIY Halloween Puzzles

Looking for an awesome but simple Halloween activity for your little one?  These amazing DIY Halloween puzzles are fabulous because they work for any age and can be as scary or as cute as you want!  Maybe you’re a horror & gore kind of Halloween person or maybe you’re all about the cute ghosts and witches.  Whatever your style, you can easily make a Halloween puzzle that is perfect for you!

Halloween is the absolute perfect occasion of doing these DIY puzzles because there are so many creatures, symbols and shapes that go along with the season!  The possibilities are just about endless and you can customize it to whatever is your child’s favourite!  paper ghost puzzle

Here are 3 ways to create your own Halloween puzzles are big on fun but easy on effort and time!

  • Popsicle Stick Halloween Puzzles
  • Creepy Colouring Book Puzzles
  • Spooky Shape Puzzles

You can make them yourself quickly as a little fun holiday surprise – I love gifts like this, ones that are all about the fun, not the cost!!  On the other hand, these DIY puzzles are so simple even a one year old could be involved in making them too as a fun craft time! 

The fun just keeps going as your child can do the puzzles over and over and over again! As any regular readers know, a craft activity that ends up being a toy is a favourite around here for the mom effort – kid fun balance

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Popsicle Stick Halloween PuzzlesHalloween Popsicle Stick Puzzles

These Halloween puzzles are some of the easiest to make and the wooden popsicle sticks are great for little fingers!  They can’t really be crushed or destroyed easily.  



  • Markers
  • Popsicle Sticks
  • Tape

You can use normal size popsicle sticks or jumbo size popsicle sticks may be fun for smaller fingers!

How To Make Popsicle Stick Halloween Puzzles:

  1. Place the popsicle sticks together so the long sides are touching.  Choose a smaller number of sticks, maybe 4-6, for toddlers or more for older children. 
  2. Tape across the popsicle sticks to keep them together.  Flip over so you aren’t looking at the tape.Taped Popsicle Stick Halloween Puzzle Pieces
  3. Draw your holiday theme picture on the popsicle stick canvas you have made!  Jack-o-lantern Halloween PuzzleMake sure there are details that continue across multiple sticks so your child can see how the pieces go together connecting the parts of the image.  Like all of these Halloween puzzle crafts, you can do the drawing or you can have your child do their own.
  4. Take a picture of your puzzle put together so your child has it to guide them when doing the puzzle.
  5. When your puzzle image is done, remove the tape. The popsicle sticks become the puzzle pieces!Halloween Puzzle Pieces

These popsicle stick Halloween puzzles are fabulous because they are fun to make, fun to do and also can be stored so easily to be used again next year! 

Wrap each one with a rubber band and put them all in a bag stored with any Halloween decorations you have and they’ll be a fun activity for years.  You can add new ones each year and see how your little artist has grown!popsicle sticks wrapped in tape

More Easy Craft + Toy Ideas Like This:

Colouring Book Halloween Puzzles

These puzzles are fantastic for all occasions – or even none at all!  A colouring book puzzle is a favourite around here and is the perfect customizable DIY puzzle. Colouring Book Halloween Puzzle

Materials Needed:


  • Colouring Book Page
  • Crayons/Markers
  • Scissors

This is a great Halloween colouring book with not just colouring but also mazes, dot-to-dot and other fun activities for little kids!

How to Make a Colouring Book Puzzle:

  1. Colour the page.  You can do this yourself if the puzzle(s) are a surprise activity, or for even more fun have your child enjoy the colouring!  
  2. Take a picture of your puzzle put together so your child has it to guide them when doing the puzzle.Halloween kids colouring page with kids in costumes
  3. Glue the page to cardstock if it’s a flimsy one.  If it’s a regular or heavier paper book you can skip this step.
  4. Cut the page into pieces.  Be careful to cut the pieces so that there are pictures within the larger image being cut in half that your child can see to join together. paper puzzle pieces

Check out this full preschool puzzle guide and DIY tips for how to make paper puzzles easier or harder depending on your child’s ability!

Construction Paper Shape Halloween Puzzles

These puzzles are a simple idea, but fun because they aren’t your usual rectangular shaped puzzle. 

Depending on your artistic ability these can be as simple or as detailed as you’d like!  Personally, I am crafty but far from an artist so the basic ones have been great at our house!  Older little kids can even do their own drawings to make these totally themselves! 


Materials Needed: 

  • Construction Paper or Cardstock
  • Crayons/Markers
  • Scissors

How to Make Construction Paper Shape Halloween Puzzles:

  1. Draw your shape on the appropriate colour paper.  
  2. Add any details to your drawing – face of a jack-o-lantern or ghost, ingredients in a cauldron, windows/doors/ghosts on a haunted house, etc.
  3. Cut out the shape.  Leaving the outline for the outside border can be helpful for young puzzlers!Pumpkin Puzzle
  4. Take a picture of your puzzle put together so your child has it to guide them when doing the puzzle.
  5. Halloween Pumpkin PuzzleCut the whole shape up into puzzle pieces to be put back together.   Again, be mindful of where you cut so there are hints for how to put it back together!Halloween Pumpkin Puzzle

Customize for Any Age

This Halloween craft is truly perfect from any age – tiny toddlers just doing their first puzzles right up to older kids already in school.  You simply need to keep your child’s age in mind when making the puzzles and customize it to what they can do.  Remember, you want these Halloween puzzles to be fun, not frustrating!

There are many very simple ways to do this:

  1. Number of Pieces – Only use 3 or 4 for the littlest toddlers or up to many more for older children
  2. Size of Pieces – Little hands pick up big things more easily.  Use jumbo popsicle sticks or bigger paper pieces.
  3. Shape of Pieces – These examples have straight edges everywhere as they are for a 4 year old who loves puzzles and has become pretty good at them.  For smaller children, make sure you cut distinctly different shapes to help give hints where the pieces go.  Curved lines or traditional interlocking points are an easy way to do this. 
  4. Detail of the Picture – Make sure you’ve cut your pieces to be through the middle of details so that there are things to match up when putting puzzle pieces together.  The more picture hints, the easier the puzzle.

Puzzles To Buy Instead of DIY

No time for DIY these days?  Mom life is a busy life, I get it! 

No worries – I’ve got options for you that can be at your door as early as tomorrow!  All the fun without all the work.  They may not be homemade but these puzzles are definitely lots of fun for different ages. 

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Halloween, like all seasons and holidays, is a perfect time for lots of crafts and fun with the kiddos.  Ghosts, goblins, witches, all the spooky options make for great craft time.

These simple Halloween puzzles are a quick craft activity but then are a great toy your kids can play with over and over!  If they get bored with a puzzle, just make a new one with a new picture! 

Have fun!  Enjoy a happy moment!Easy Halloween Puzzles Pin

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