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Kleenex Ghost Fun: 5 Best Kids Ghost Games

Want to make easy Halloween décor that doubles as fun Halloween games for little kids?  A cute Kleenex ghost  is a super simple craft to make together that becomes awesome kids ghost games. It fits all the little kids activity criteria:

  • EASY…check!
  • CHEAP…check!
  • CUTE…check!
  • FUN…check!

This is an easy Halloween tradition to start – this kleenex ghost craft is really a highlight of my own childhood Halloween memories. My sisters and I made this tissue ghost craft with our mom every year.

Now I love that my kids are getting to make those same traditions and happy memories playing ghost games and would love to share it with you too!

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How To Make a Kleenex Ghost

Making a kleenex ghost is so simple but they look so great!  You’re going to love them!

We like to hang our ghosts from the kids’ doorways, in the windows, along a mantel or in Halloween bowls for a centerpiece.

Since it’s back to school and beginning of cold season anyway, we always stock up on kleenex around now too.  We get a big pack of Kleenex like this one in the fall and it lasts forever, but most importantly during cold season we never run out!


  • Kleenex – 2 tissues per ghost
  • Fine Point Black Marker
  • Fishing Twine or Floss

Step 1 – Make the Tissue Ghost Head

kleenex tissue spread out flat

Take 1 kleenex and scrunch it into a ball.

If your kids are like my 2 year old this will be done with lots of enthusiasm and you’ll have more than you need ready quickly!!

This is a great sensory activity like these 35 Sensory Activities for the 5 Senses of Fall

Step 2 – Wrap the Kleenex Ghost Body

one tissue ball on top of tissue lying flatfolded over tissue kleenex ghost stephand picking up kleenex ghost head

Place the head in the middle of one kleenex.

Fold the bottom tissue over the ball then pick it up holding the wrapped ball.

Step 3 – Tie String

kleenex ghost tie around head

Tie a piece of twine or floss around the bottom of the head.Fluff the ends of the kleenex out to make the ghost shape.

Leave one end of the twine longer for hanging the ghost up and tape it to the back of the ghost’s head.   This helps it hang straight up rather than to the side.

Step 4 – Create a Ghost Face

Use the black marker to draw on a ghost face.  It’s best to keep these simple since the marker may run a bit on the kleenex.  We keep it to just eyes and a mouth and the kids have a blast! Maybe because we don’t use markers a lot so it’s a treat hahakleenex ghosts with happy, sad, angry and suprised faces

This last step is also a great moment for teaching and talking about emotions naturally when they come up in play.   Your ghosts can show many emotions:

  • happy
  • sad
  • mad
  • surprised
  • scary

While drawing the different faces on your tissue ghost craft, use it as an opportunity to chat about feelings.

  • Discuss what each emotion face should look like on your ghost.
  • Ask your child about what makes them feel that way.
  • Help your child identify examples of when they felt like that
  • Talk about what they did when those emotions happened
  • Chat about things they could do to help feel calm again.

yellow faces showing different emotions

Role playing with the ghosts is great fun and learning.  Little kids learn through play so by playing pretend with the ghosts they get to explore some of their own big feelings in a safe and memorable way. They can then use later to help with their own self-regulation.

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Outdoors Tissue Ghost Craft?

Love these easy kleenex ghost crafts?  We use them for our outdoor decorations too!  They look great hanging from the bushes in front of the house.

But obviously you can’t use kleenex because, you know, rain!!  So while tissue ghosts may be out, ghosts in general are not.

Do the exact same process but instead of kleenex ghosts, use white plastic bags or a dollar store table cloth.  They look great paired with our Halloween inflatables like this one:   amazon link showing friendly inflatable ghost decoration

5 Best Kids Ghost Games with Kleenex Ghosts

Now for the fun part!  You’ve made your Kleenex ghost crew now here are 5 awesome kids ghost games that use them.

Each of these games, like everything here at Happy Moments Mom, is super simple to set up and play and I’ve got easy tips for you to make sure kids of all ages and stages can have fun together.

kleenex ghost games pinterest pin

Tissue Ghost Toss

A super easy game to start!  Set out an empty Halloween bowl or a pumpkin and have kids line up and take turns trying to toss the ghosts into the container.  I love this classic pumpkin trick or treat container or this set of Halloween bowls are great for young kids! !boy playing game throwing kleenex ghost in bin

I love how easy it is to make this game inclusive for kids of all different ages and stages.  There is a saying in teaching that when you plan a lesson that accommodates your most high needs student you really just end up planning a lesson that is better for ALL your students.  It gives everyone an entry point to the fun wherever they are in their learning.

The same can be said for any kids activity, this tissue ghost toss game included!

Two easy ways to make this kids ghost game work for multiple abilities and ages:

  1. Provide options for how far back from the container kids throw the ghosts
  2. Set up multiple containers with varying size openings

feet at a starting lineFor the first way all you have to do is have multiple lines set up along the floor.  Older kids throw from farther away.

For a fun challenge you could also add in that little ones move back a line every time they’re successful at the one before.  Keeps the game new and fun for longer for everyone 🙂pumpkin containers and pumpkin mug

Setting up multiple containers can be as simple as having older kids using the smaller opening ones or let everybody aim at everything and assign point values for each one based on how hard.

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Tissue Ghost Tic Tac Toe

Draw a large tic tac toe board on black pa per.  Use your kleenex ghost crew as either the x’s or the o’s and some pumpkin shapes (or any favourite Halloween shape) as the other player – we used pom poms we had left over from a witch craft we did. tic tac toe board using kleenex ghosts

Need some pumpkin shapes?  Download these quick printable pumpkins or just cut some orange circles and draw jack-o-lantern faces on them!

Remember, keep it simple to keep the mom effort vs. kid fun balance in check!

Kleenex Ghost Hide & Seek

A game that can be played over and over!  All you need to do is move to a different room and it is new again.

Hide your ghost crew in sneaky spots around the room and then have your child find them. Kleenex Ghost hidden in toy airplane

Keep it fun by keeping the hiding spots do-able for your little one.

Maybe your kiddo is ready for fully hidden ghosts they will have to lift and move items to find, or maybe they just need them spread around the room to openly find.  You know your child best!

A few little modifications and you can refresh the game to keep the fun going:

  1. Play a spooky song and find all the ghosts before it’s over
  2. Kids hide the ghosts for you to find
  3. Play hot and cold to give hints where the ghosts are
  4. Race to see who can find the most ghosts

kleenex ghost hidden on books, race track and in toy farm

Simple ideas to sneak in some learning during all this kids ghost game fun

  1. Count the ghosts as you go
  2. Ask how many are left to find
  3. Give hints based on letters:  the next one is hidden by something that starts with “S”

Grab the Kleenex Ghost

This is a great one-on-one game to play on your own with your kiddo.  The perfect game when you only have a few minutes of time together and want to make it count.  At our house it has gotten lots and lots of giggles!

When you make your ghosts you leave a long string.  All you have to do for this kids ghost game is dangle your kleenex ghost in the air in front of your little one and have them grab for it.

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Loop it in circles, back and forth, up and down and watch the silliness as your kiddo jumps and grabs for the ghost!  Just be careful to not let it go on too long that your little one gets frustrated!

Whenever they are successful and get the ghost switch roles – now your kiddo gets to have fun making the ghost jump and fly away from you!  Be silly and have fun together 🙂

Ghost Hopscotch

As simple as it looks and sounds!  Draw a quick hopscotch with sidewalk chalk but make it the shape of a ghosts instead of blocks!  Use a kleenex ghost instead of a stone when playing and it’s a total kids ghost game winner.

ghost pictures laid out as hopscotch shape

Tips to Play Kids Ghost Games at a Halloween Party

Playing a game just you and your little one at home is totally different than playing games at a party!  It requires a bit more planning.

Luckily these games are the best because they are fun and simple so you can set them up as stations and let kids come and go.  It just needs a little organization!little kids at halloween party

  • Tissue Ghost Toss – Leave a bin of ghosts near the lines for throwing.  Older kids can come and go as they please, for a toddler party have an adult nearby to help!
  • Tic Tac Toe – Set up a table with the supplies and the game board.  I suggest taping the game board down so it stays there
  • Hide and Seek – The best way to do this at a party is using the music option.  Play a song and have all the kids look for ghosts during the song.  Do this game early on because it’s fun and you can hide the ghosts beforehand!
  • Grab the Kleenex Ghost – Honestly this one isn’t as great for a party.  But if you have enough adults to have someone play it with the kids whenever they want or all the parents want to join in to do it together at once then go for it.  A little music and you can say you’re making the ghosts dance!
  • Hopscotch –  This is a passive game – just have it set up with a few kleenex ghosts in a bin.

Have fun playing these easy kids ghost games with your kleenex ghost crew!! This tissue ghost craft is quick, easy and fun  – a perfect Halloween activity for little kids 🙂

Enjoy your happy moments,

❤ Sara

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