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The Best Ever Kindergarten Lunch Box Notes: All Love, No Reading!

Your child is going to kindergarten! Wow, how exciting! Or maybe you’re thinking “How did my baby get so big so fast?!” No matter how you feel, or how much your kiddo is ready, it’s true that this is a really big step.  Surprising your child with sweet kindergarten lunch box notes will help your kiddo feel loved, confident and happy! 

Yes, obviously there is so much to do to get ready for kindergarten.  There are so many things you need to do to get ready so you may be thinking: little kindergarten lunch notes?!  Who has time for that??? 

You do!!  You have time for that, I promise. 

Mostly because you just download them at the bottom of this page – you can get 12 free or get a whole year bundle of 180 notes for just $7. preview of the downloadable free kindergarten lunch box notes

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Why A Kindergarten Lunch Box Note?

A kindergarten lunch box note is a message for your child to find when they open their lunch at school.  It is a little way to say hello during their day.

A kindergarten lunch note is a great way to connect with your child when they are perhaps first spending long times away from you and their home environment.  Even if your child has been going to daycare for years, the switch to kindergarten is still a new environment to learn to navigate.

A kindergarten student has so many emotions they are experiencing and learning to understand.

  • On a difficult day seeing a little note from you may be just enough to turn the day around.  
  • On a good day seeing a little note from you will be the sprinkles on top of all their fun.

What To Write on Kindergarten Lunch Notes?!

Kindergarten lunch notes are a little more difficult to write because most kindergarten kids cannot read yet.

So what do you write in a note for a 4 year old who likely can’t read?! 

Nothing!  You write nothing!

Remember the old saying “A picture is worth a thousand words.”??? That’s your motto for kindergarten lunch box notes.  Instead of a heartfelt wordy message of love that can’t be understood, send a picture note. 

It can be literally anything that you think will bring a smile to your child’s face!

    • Send a lunch note with a cute animal holding a heart to say “I Love You”. 
    • Want to say “Have a great day!”? Send one with a happy face, sunshine or other cheerful image. 
    • Hoping to make them laugh on what you know may be a hard day?  Send a silly picture of a dancing cow!  

Kindergarten Lunch Box Note Heart

Kindergarten Lunch Notes with Sight Words 

Depending on the child and the time of year, you can  include a few short sight  words.  They aren’t reading them so much as recognizing them, the same way they see a picture of a cat and know it’s a cat.  

Choose a few words that are worth including to convey key messages.  The repetition of seeing them on multiple notes will teach your child to recognize them and know what it says. Introduce these little phases before using them in notes naturally like on cards and gifts at home.   

The main sight words that are on these downloadable lunch box notes for kindergarten are: 

I Love You  –  Yum –   Smile –  Hi   –   Hello   –   IโคU   –   ๐Ÿ‘โคU

A classroom is a very busy place so the teacher will not be able to stop and read a kindergarten lunch note so keep it simple like this!  They are busy helping open milk cartons and lunch containers and just generally keeping the peace – as much as it exists in a kindergarten room!

Actually, while we’re at it – make sure your child can open all parts of his or her lunch all by themselves!! Practice at home before sending containers to school.  Your child’s teacher thanks you!  

Top Tip: A bento box is a great way to organize your child’s lunch and is easy to open! 

lunch box with food

Want more fun with food?  Check out this mystery food game to play at home!

Scheduling Kindergarten Lunch Box Notes

So how are you going to remember a note everyday??? This part is so, so easy you will love it, I promise!


I mean really, let’s just get that expectation out of the way right away.  Don’t set yourself up for that kind of pressure!  You’re already making sure your child’s dressed, fed, teeth brushed and ready for the day – you’re just a tad busy already! 

Even if you do lunches the night before (which I highly suggest you do!) you’re also then getting everything ready for the next day and recovering after the busy day you just had. 

You WILL forget a lunch box note.  There’s just too much going on to think you won’t. 

Two Ways to Send Lunch Notes for Kindergarten:

Note Schedule Option 1: Sometimes On Purpose

Rather than make it something that may upset your kiddo by not seeing it, use notes only sometimes on purpose right from the start!  No upset child and no mom guilt for forgetting.   

This makes the days your child does get one even more special and the days one isn’t in there not a big deal because it isn’t expected everyday.   They are a fun surprise to brighten a day – not necessarily an everyday thing (unless you want them to be!).


Notes Schedule Option 2: Everyday With Realistic Expectations

Wow, good on you for aiming high! I respect that, and to be honest I can also relate.  Since writing this originally, my daughter LOVES her notes and so I actually do send one daily.   

BUT we have had several conversations about the hypothetical (inevitable!) day that one won’t be there because moms make mistakes too and I might get confused and think I did it but didn’t. I made it a silly conversation where whenever that happens she can come home and laugh with me about how silly that I got mixed up!  

Basically I prepped her for the fact it may happen but kept it light so she knew it wasn’t a big deal or that I don’t love her (4 year olds have BIG emotions!), I just got mixed up!  Silly Mommy!

To be honest, I like picking out which one to include!

Kindergarten Lunch Box Notes Pin with sample notes

Try having more fun with food with this simple science experiment!

10 Minutes To Get Ready for the Whole Year!

A little tiny bit of preparation goes a long way for kindergarten lunch box notes.  I’m seriously talking 10 minutes.  Totally worth it to allow you to be the super thoughtful mom for the whole year with almost zero effort!  

Follow these five simple steps to being that organized, awesome mom. 

Step 1

Download the perfect, no reading required free printable kindergarten lunch box notes at the bottom of the page.  The freebie has 12 to get you started or you can upgrade and purchase notes for the year!  You’ve got three options:

96 Kindergarten Lunch Notes for Everyday – $5

 84 Seasonal Themed Notes for Holidays – $5

Ultimate Kindergarten Lunch Notes Value Bundle Deal (Everyday + Seasonal) – $7

Step 2

Print the notes out in colour.  If you don’t have a printer check your local library or office supply store. 

Step 3

Cut the notes out all at once.  The pages are the exact same layout so you can cut multiple pages at once.

Step 4

Put all of the cut notes in an envelope or little bag and keep them wherever you keep your lunch supplies.  The best place is somewhere you will see them regularly to remember.  A great spot is with the lunch containers or bags as those get used regularly.

Step 5

Put the kindergarten lunch note right on top facing up so your kiddo is sure to see it!  Don’t want all this huge 5 minutes of effort to go to waste lol! 

We actually tape our daughter’s to the top of her bento box  as she was worried about them getting ripped or taken (I kind of wonder if there was an incident?!) so the tape easily solved that! 


So you love the idea of these kindergarten lunch box notes but don’t have the time to make your own? No problem, I am here for you and I’ve got you covered.  I did all the work for you creating super affordable bright, cheerful and unique notes your child will love. 

Like I said earlier – you’ve got 3 options:

1. Everyday Kindergarten Lunch Box Notes – 96 Awesome Notes for just $5. 

Preview of Full Lunch Box Notes Package

Download the full printable 96 note set and be all ready for the entire school year!  Most schools are between 150-200 school days so this set gets you enough kindergarten lunch notes to include one just about every second day! 

2. Holiday Kindergarten Lunch Notes – 84 Seasonal Notes for just $5

Brand new notes!! Maybe you just want to add a little something special to the holidays.  These seasonal lunch notes are perfect for you!   

preview of seasonal kindergarten lunch box notesEverything you need for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentines, Easter, and lots more special days in between PLUS all four seasons to make the everyday a bit exciting too!

Get your Holiday & Seasonal Kindergarten Lunch Box Notes now! 

3. Ultimate Kindergarten Lunch Notes Bundle Deal

Want all of the kindergarten lunch notes for the whole year and save some money??  Get the bundle deal of all the Everyday + Holidays notes and save 30% from their individual prices! preview of cute kindergarten lunch notes with animals, hearts and seasonal pictures

Bundle the two lunch box notes sets and save 30%.  

Get the Ultimate Kindergarten Lunch Notes Bundle of 96 everyday notes + 84 holiday/seasonal notes for just $7 now!  That’s 180 unique notes!!  It’s under 4 cents a note – well worth it for the smiles and boost of confidence they deliver!



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Need a Lunchbox for your Notes?!

I’m new to the mom side of lunchboxes, but very experienced on the teacher side!! 

Here are a few I recommend for your little one.  Remember to make sure your child practices with their lunch box before school to ensure they can open and close it on their own.   Bento boxes inside are also fabulous for storing everything separate and in good portion sizes!  



Good luck sending your little one off to kindergarten to learn and do amazing things!

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25 thoughts on “Free Kindergarten Lunch Box Notes: Send Love With Lunch”

    1. Thanks! My kiddo is off to school this year and I couldn’t find any lunch box notes without a lot of reading so I made some!! Hope mom friends of yours find them useful too!

  1. This is such a fantastic idea… and it teaches children that notes convey meaning. So when they are ready to identify letters they’ll already have the idea that the note is from Mum ๐Ÿ™‚ Brilliant!

    1. Yes, exactly! Thanks! Start kindergarten off with lunch box notes using the literacy skills of determining meaning from pictures and build from there with some sight words they see repeatedly and then build to letters and sounds!

  2. I did’nt know lunch box notes were a thing. I would occasionally write some and am in awe to see this is kind of a “tradition”. Like your perspective on notes for kindergartners.

    1. Thanks! Very thoughtful of you to do some lunch box notes! I think doing them occasionally is a great idea – no one can keep up with everyday!!

  3. Aww, these are so cute! Huge bonus to be able to get them all done in one swoop for the whole year, too. Thanks!

    1. Same, no way I could do these kindergarten lunch notes in real time even sporadically! That is the whole reason I created them – 5 min in September and I can just toss them in whenever I feel like it!!

  4. I’m a preschool teacher and get a real kick out of seeing these notes in lunch boxes. I would always take time to read them when I see them. Unfortunately most families don’t include them. I especially like your reminder about children being able to open their own lunch boxes!

    1. That’s so kind of you to read the lunch notes! I know your classroom is a very busy place!! And yes, we’ve been practicing here for a week to make sure all the containers are do-able come the start of school in September!

  5. This is a wonderful idea. Our little ones can be so anxious about going to school at that age. A little note or reminder from mom or dad can help ease this transition of going to school and being a little more independent.

  6. I love this ideas. I used to write notes to my kids and then they would write me notes back. They would pack me lunch for work with PB and J and a sweet note. Or they would pick out my pajamas for the night or clothes for the day with a sweet note. It was very special but they learned it from me leaving them notes.,

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