8 Easy Leprechaun Masks for Kids

Does the month of March have you dancing a jig and serving all green foods?  Here’s an easy way for you to add to your St. Patrick’s Day fun: a cute and easy leprechaun mask craft that your little one will have fun with twice:

  • Craft time to make the mask
  • Dancing, singing and playing pretend leprechaun games wearing the mask

These leprechaun masks are perfect for taking a St. Patrick’s Day treasure hunt to the next level or just turning a ho-hum March day into something fun! 


And bonus for you, most of these sneak in some awesome learning concepts and all of them are truly easy – a main criteria for anything here at Happy Moments Mom! 

Never mind searching and going down a rabbit hole of ideas, here are the best of the best found online and created by yours truly so you can pick one and move on to the fun!

Leprechaun Mask Criteria:

So how did these masks make the cut to be on our list? 


Simple, it fits the mom effort-kid fun balance Happy Moments Mom is founded on and the following criteria:

  • simple, cheap supplies you likely already have
  • easy process to keep it fun, not frustrating
  • realistic for a young child to do
  • makes a cute/fun leprechaun not a scary one

So onto the leprechaun mask ideas!!

Paper Plate Leprechaun Mask with Yarn Beard

Kids leprechaun mask made of paper plate circle with a leprechaun hat on top and yarn wrapped beard at bottom

This one uses a lot of the same materials as other masks on this list: a circle base with a leprechaun hat but we used some yarn to complete the beard!  It was so much fun and such fabulous fine motor skills work  – truly a great example of learning through play.  Plus, of course, the yarn beard flips and bounces nicely too while dancing!! 

Truthfully I went to the store for bright orange yarn for the leprechaun’s beard, but they didn’t have any so I got this gold/orange mix instead that in pictures shows up way more purple than it is, yikes!! But remember:

Doing something fun is better than waiting to do something perfect and never getting around to it at all!

My kids had a fabulous time being lucky little leprechauns and didn’t care a bit about the yarn colour!  Honestly it could’ve been pink for all they cared about the colour!  

Handprint Leprechaun Mask 

leprechaun mask made of orange circle face, green leprechaun hat and orange painted handprints arranged as a beard
Image courtesy of kidscraftroom.com

Who doesn’t love a fun handprint craft?! The beard on this leprechaun mask from Kids Craft Room is epic and you’ll love that pretty much everything else is from a paper plate!  Talk about keeping supplies simple!! 

Happy Moments Mom Tip: Don’t be scared of handprint crafts – they’re really not hard to do or as messy as you may think! Really, they can be as messy or as neat as you are comfortable with.

Maybe you let your child dunk their little hand in the paint and splat and laugh at the sounds and the splotches.  Maybe that gives you nightmares and you carefully paint their hand yourself and help them only get it on the paper. 

Either way works, and honestly either way gives your child the fun sensory experience of the paint on their hand, just in different ways!

Leprechaun Hat Headband

green paper leprechaun hat with colourful shapes on it

Ok, so maybe not 100% a mask, but for those kids that won’t wear something on their face a headband is the perfect way to go!  It creates the costume look without anything annoying your child by being on their face. 

Bonus, this craft was actually done originally as a simple St. Patrick’s Day math matching craft first then turned into a headband!  Two crafts in one 🙂

Construction Paper or Cardstock Leprechaun Mask


Truly, you don’t need anything fancy for mask making!  Cardstock is better than construction paper because it’ll stand up better, but tape a couple pieces of pipe cleaner to the back of a construction paper hat and it’ll stay up too!

I love the long beard pieces on this one and that you have the option of curling the pieces around a pencil or leaving them long and straight! This little change makes a big difference – you should have seen my kids dancing around the room to make their beards bounce!!!

Leprechaun Princess Mask

Have you ever noticed that you don’t see girl leprechauns much?  Apparently that’s because there traditionally aren’t any! 

girl holding paper plate leprechaun mask that has long paper hair and green crown hat
Image courtesy of playgroundparkbench.com

Don’t you just love the adorable long curls and bangs of this little girl leprechaun mask?!  And the added flair of a princess crown rather than the traditional hat is perfect! This one is on our list of St. Patrick’s Day activities this year for sure because I know my daughter will LOVE it!

Get the full easy tutorial at Playground Parkbench.

Double Decker Yarn Beard

You will love the simplicity of this craft that only requires orange (or orange-ish) yarn! 

It’s pretty awesome both for crafting and costume fun for a 4 or 5 year old – especially if they’re learning to tie because you basically just tie a bunch of yarn strings to a longer yarn string until you’ve got a full beard!

orange and gold fluffly yarn beard

How to Make a Yarn Beard:

You literally just lay out one long strand of yarn and then tie smaller strands to it until it’s full looking. 

I used fluffy yarn so it was quicker, about 20 ties in total.  Adding the double decker part simply means tying another piece of yarn and attaching it to the main strand on either end then tying more long strands on that layer as well.  Super simple and great practice tying knots over and over and over again! 

I’ll be honest though, this one isn’t great for little toddlers to make as it requires tying knots.  But, since it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for you to make it for them while you’re watching TV or something, it is worth making it for your little on to play and have some St. Patrick’s Day fun with it. I mean, just look at that full, bouncy beard your child will love swishing and bouncing as they dance and move.  

Happy Moments Mom Tip: Don’t forget this one come Christmas time.  It’s a fun Christmas craft for your child to pretend to be Santa, just change the yarn to white!!

Printable Leprechaun Mask 

leprechaun mask with green hat and oval beard cut in strips to be hair
Image courtesy of thecraftingchicks.com

This adorable leprechaun mask from The Crafting Chicks makes the list for two main reasons:

  • The fun beard that’s great for little hands to practice scissor skills with a bunch of short little cuts! 
  • It’s as easy as it gets – it’s printable!! How lucky is that?!

Download your printable leprechaun mask

Curly Paper Leprechaun Beard

orange paper strips curled at the ends arranged in a beard shape
Image courtesy of notimeforflashcards.com

This curly leprechaun beard mask from No Time for Flashcards is so impressive and you’ll love that all you need is paper, glue and a little yarn. Top it off with a simple hat (maybe the leprechaun hat headband I mentioned earlier!) and you’re all set for some shenanigans!

One modification I might suggest for the littlest kids is to skip the moustache part – just go under the mouth.  Less annoying and honestly probably a bit cleaner than that close to a toddler’s nose!!



There you have it, enough choices to find a leprechaun mask that will be perfect for you, but not so many that you’ll accidentally spend an hour down a leprechaun rabbit hole!!  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 


Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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