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Two Best Mom Journals: Rediscovering YOU

Hey Mom! Do you remember when people actually called you by your first name?!  When you spend most of your time with your kids, it can be rare!  A mom journal is a great way of focusing on yourself a little bit everyday.  Mom journal prompts take the guess work out of self-care time and here are two of the best journals for moms because they aren’t only about being a mom!

Especially right now with the year or so it’s been with shutdowns and not seeing people, you may go days without hearing your name.  Somewhere along the way, only being called “Mom” can make a person feel a bit lost.  It’s important to acknowledge who you are outside of that role too!

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Don’t get me wrong, being called Mommy and all its variations is, of course, one of the best parts of life! Having kids is one of the biggest blessings to be thankful for, but sometimes a mom needs to remember and rediscover who she is as a person outside of that role too!

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Journals for Mom to Relax & Recharge

Being a mom can be so overwhelming, you automatically always put someone else before you forever.  Add more children to the family and it can be even more challenging to find any time for yourself!

You’re not alone feeling that way either. In their annual survey on motherhood, the website Motherly found 93% of mothers reported feeling burned out at least occasionally.   

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Now, before we go further I need to remind everyone that I’m NOT in any way a mental health professional, I’m just sharing resources that I personally love and found helpful as a busy mom.  Nothing from me is or should be seen as actual medical advice – take care of yourself and contact your doctor for mental health resources and referrals.

It is so important to take time for yourself but what if you don’t even know what to do with that time anymore?! Enter the mom journal!

Use a Mom Journal to Rediscover Yourself

The idea of how so much has changed can bring up a lot of questions:

  • Who you are now?
  • Who you want to be?
  • How does everything fit together?

Taking the time for self-care is something necessary but us moms don’t always prioritize it which can actually lead to not even being sure how we would use such time to ourselves. 

Ask yourself this one question: 

If you had a whole day to yourself, what would you do? 

What would your answers be? Does something pop out right away as what you’d do? 

Maybe you’re like me and no answer is obvious to you (other than sleep!).  There are usually the things that moms feel like we should do because they are the “right answers” we hear about all the time: exercise, read, go for a walk, etc. but what if none of those things stick out as something YOU actually want to do?  


Doing something because you feel like you should isn’t the point of self-care – doing something that makes you feel better is the point.  So now to figure out what that is…enter these excellent journals for moms!

A lot has changed with motherhood,  so who are you now?  Luckily the following journals for moms will help you figure out that answer.

Can’t get 5 minutes to yourself? I’ve also got easy 5 minute mom stress relief strategies you can do WITH your kids around! 

Journal for Moms #1: 3000 Questions About Me

Mom Journal 3000 Questions About Me

If you feel like you can barely remember three things about you as a person, not just the mom part of you imagine taking the time to figure out 3000 things about yourself!  

This journal for moms – 3000 Questions About Me – is is absolutely perfect if you’re not sure where to start ( I personally loved it for this!).  The advice of just starting something seems simple, but what if you’re frozen by the thought of not knowing how?!  This solves that problem for you. 


Maybe if you don’t know exactly what to ask yourself, start with 3000 questions! The questions in this excellent journal for mom are bound to make you:

  • think
  • laugh
  • cry
  • rethink
  • prioritize
  • be silly
  • remember yourself
  • take 5 quiet minutes to yourself!!

It is a perfect and easy first step in the right direction.  Think of it as kick-starting your self-care with just one book! You don’t have to think about what to do or where to start, or even what the end goal is… just answer the questions in front of you. 

It will take awhile to get through all 3000 questions, but it is so convenient to just do a few if you have 15 minutes or several pages if you have more time.  

The Questions That Make This a Mom Journal

The book is an excellent balance of deep thinking questions like “Do you know your own worth?” and light ones like “Do you think Bigfoot is real?”.  This was awesome because it never got overwhelming.  Just when you might think one question was intense, the next there was something to laugh about. woman writing in a journal for moms

For moms rediscovering themselves, the questions help you put yourself first.  All questions ask only about yourself or your opinion so you will actually focus on yourself for some mom self-care when you have a bit of free time.

The mix of questions in this mom journal was also perfect contrasting deep with light topics.

You may have a moment of being mad at myself thinking “I have no idea what the answer is, how could I not know this about myself”.  But then there was a question like “Do you always wear identical socks?”.  Seems like a light, silly question, but it is helpful because it has a concrete answer to know easily.

This provides a feeling of success – a win is a win and sometimes us moms could really use an easy win! 

Want an easy kids craft win? Use this simple rule for mom effort vs. kid life balance!


Three Surprising Benefits of This Journal for Moms:

  1. Sharing the Questions & Answers –  It actually becomes fun answering the questions so share them with your spouse, your mom friends or your own mom!  It’s so interesting to hear each others’ answers no matter how different or similar they are.
  2. Revisiting and Revising – A lot happens quickly when you’re a mom.  You can come back to it anytime, or even on purpose in a few months or a year.  Read about yourself again later to see how some answers have changed even just within the year and others are the same. 
  3.  Journaling Jumpstart– This book is a great way to start journaling because it is all prompted, like so many great journals you can find now.  If you’ve never been good at being consistent with journaling (I’m still not) but this is a good introduction if you’re interested in getting started!

3000 Questions Mom Journal: The Even Easier Version 

Does 3000 questions needing an answer feel overwhelming?? Try starting with this one instead – it’s like its cousin lol. 


This 3000 Would You Rather Questions About Me journal for moms means you don’t even have to come up with an answer out of nothing.  Just pick one option. 

Sometimes it’s baby steps to get where you’re going and if you’ve fallen into the mom mentality of putting yourself last this exercise in stating a preference and making a choice – even little ones or silly ones like some of these – can feel empowering!

Journal for Moms #2: The 52 Lists Project

This mom journal was gifted to me at Christmas from my sister and I’m so thankful for it that I need to recommend it to you!.  She is much better than me at keeping a journal, but she knows I love a good list – who doesn’t? That feeling of crossing something off as done is so good!

The 52 Lists Project by Moorea Seal isn’t to-do lists to cross off, it’s about making lists based on weekly prompts. You explore your own interests and experiences and then it gives an action to complete based on what you’ve written.  This makes it twice as good for rediscovering yourself outside of your role as mom.  You not only think and write, but also act on it!


Like the questions book, having the prompt takes the guess work out of getting started with a mom journal.  You can do a bullet point list or go into more detail depending on how you feel.

Maybe do it one day then look again later in the week and add to it.

The best part of this journal for moms is that 52 lists are one year, but not dated.  You can start anytime!  It separates the lists into seasons – start doing the one you are in. 

That also means you can re-start it anytime! Mom life is busy – if you’ve left the journal for a bit, just come back in where you are in the year.


Finally, if you really enjoy this mom journal and want more, it is a series now.  You can find these journals for specific topics including 52 Lists for Happiness and 52 Lists for Calm (maybe a perfect topic for a journal for moms!).

A Journal for New Moms: The Best Gift 

Let’s face it, when a baby is born it is ALL about the baby.  As I suppose it mostly should be – there’s a whole new little tiny adorable human in this world and that’s amazing.  There will be adorable onesies and blankets, toys and books everywhere! 

But you know what’s a thoughtful gift from one mom to another new mom???

Something for the new mom!!

Enter any of the above as a great journal for new moms to be encouraged to take time for themselves.  It also reminds your friend, sister, whatever that you see her and are there for her too. 

My top pick for a new mom though is the 3000 Questions journal because it’s so easy to do a page here and there whenever she has time.  I’ve gifted it to a couple friends not right when the baby is born, but a couple months later with a little note explaining how it helped me.  

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Bonus Journals for Moms & Resources for Rediscovering Yourself:

  1. The 90 Day Gratitude Journal – Three daily question prompts – two repeated and one random everyday.  This time the focus is on loving the life you have and recognizing what makes it great.
  2. 52 of the Best Journal Prompts for Moms – Jen at Curly Bun Mom has compiled a great list of prompts specifically about being a mom.  This would be great for meshing together both sides: you on your own and your role as a mom.

So get yourself started on some mom self-care and take a little time to think about yourself!!  It’s good for your whole family!

Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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  1. I loved reading this article. Journaling is so important for stress reduction and you can’t go wrong with how you do it. There’s something about just writing and letting it all out that is so healing.

  2. I love these ideas! It’s crazy how a mom’s identity changes the moment they become a mom. You kind of forget about who you are. Thanks for sharing!

  3. It’s so important for us moms to keep touch with who we are beyond kids. I’ve found journaling really helps me. I love these ideas.

  4. Thanks! So many of us moms aren’t great at taking that day so I thought it was a great one to consider what you might be missing as a mom – or see how priorities have changed which is also important to acknowledge!

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