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Toddler Mealtime Mystery Food Game

Toddler food and meal ideas can be hard to come up with to keep things interesting…and therefore eaten! The food battle can be very real some days.  That’s where this mystery food game comes in to be both fun and helpful!

Maybe you’ve had plates flipped or tossed right off the table.  Maybe you just hear the word “No!” over and over again! Maybe meal time has become something you dread.  Been there, done that!  

Toddler appetites seem to go in waves.  Kids either won’t eat anything or won’t stop eating everything!!  This toddler snack time or mealtime game can be perfect for either situation.

It makes food interesting to actually get it in toddler tummies. Sometimes it’s all in how you sell it right: “Lunch? No, no this isn’t lunch, it’s a new fun game I can’t wait to play with you!!!”.  It also makes kids slow down a bit because they have to think about their food a little.  blindfolded child eating to play the mystery food game


This toddler mystery food game can be done at any meal or snack time!  It is the kind of toddler or preschool activity I like to bring out on a day that has nothing special going on.  Your run of the mill Tuesday just playing home all day into something special. 

Creating a happy moment out of a snack time game can turn those days from being a forgettable time that all blends together.  Instead, you’ve helped create a memorable moment that just might stick out and come up months or years later.  

And all of this with very little effort I might add!!

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Nothing special!! Prep the snack or meal like you normally would, but incorporate smaller servings of more different foods.  I also always include one treat food to make it more fun.  I suggest 5-10 foods.  This is enough to make it fun, but not too much to become overwhelming or monotonous. 

Food Suggestions:

  • All foods MUST be something you know your child likes!
  • Include different tastes, both savoury and sweet. 
  • Cut some bite-size pieces that you can feed your child and are safe for their age.  I’ve always been that mom giving my kids tiny bites – pretty sure I’ll be cutting grapes when they’re teenagers!
  • Include different textures. For example: crunchy crackers + smooth apple sauce + chewy cheese
  • Don’t forget sauces too.  Use a spoon or a cracker to serve them.  This is an easy way to get more things to try with no effort!

Here’s the food we used to have some fun today at my house.

I’d love to see yours.  Tag @happymomentsmom to share your idea plate with me on facebook!

plate with small portion of different healthy foods for mystery food game tasting

The only other thing you need is a blindfold.  You could also just have your child’s eyes closed…but we all know that’s going to end up in a lot of peeking!!

Toddler Tip:  The easiest way I’ve found to blindfold toddlers is to put one of my winter toques on their head – it’s big enough that you can just slide it down over their eyes!  You could tie a scarf over their eyes, but it always seems to slip and can be hard to do with a toddler’s lack of keeping still!! The winter hat is much faster!



mother feeding toddler

  1. Prep toddler food where your child can’t see.
  2. Sit your child down and put on a blindfold or have their eyes closed. 
  3. Hold the plate where your child can’t see it – I keep it above my children’s heads. 
  4. Serve one bite of a food and your child has to taste and figure out what it is.  Or to be more fun…your toddler is a food detective solving the mystery of what food is on the plate – again, it’s all in how you sell it!! 

That’s it!  A simple toddler taste test guessing game – so easy, but so effective!  

Do the guessing using one bite or a couple if they need more to figure it out.  Sometimes a little prompt like what does it feel like, smell like, etc. may be helpful.  Or even a hint – the colour, if it’s a fruit/veg/meat, when they often eat it, etc. 

Mystery Food Game Rules:

Remember this toddler mystery food game is about fun, not frustration or winning anything!  The only rule of the game is what I said earlier about the food choices:

Stick to foods your child actually likes!!!  

I cannot stress this enough! Your kiddo is naturally trusting you implicitly with that blindfold.  Don’t betray that trust.  No silly lemon face is worth that.

Serve the rest of the food not used in those first guess bites as your child’s snack or meal.  You’d be surprised how much more popular the food is afterwards even when not blindfolded just because it’s associated with the fun of the game!

toddler happily playing a mystery food game


This toddler food game can work starting at any age that can speak and wouldn’t hate being blindfolded. 

Easiest: This or That?

Trickier: Which One?

Challenging: What Could It Be?

Show your child two foods it could be and they choose from the two options. Show your child the whole plate of options then they try one and guess from that larger list of options. Have your preschool child guess with no options given.  *Provide a hint if they aren’t sure – keep it fun!


Extend the fun – let your child do the game for you!  Using the same plate of things you have prepped, the kids love having a turn being the one to feed you!  Some great giggles to be had doing this, I promise!

Let me know if this fun mystery food game is a hit with your little ones in the comments below or tag me @happymomentsmom on facebook!

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Have a happy day!

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