child tracing number words using whiteboard marker

Number Words Tracing Worksheets for Little Kids

Working on number words but don’t know where to start? Or it’ll take you forever to get materials made? These 12 number words tracing worksheets are just what you need for your child to practice writing and recognizing the words for numbers one to ten! 

two number words tracing sheets done by kindergarten student

A quick download and then you’re on your way to lots of fun learning in just minutes!  No worrying about your own messy writing, no wasting time when your child is in the mood for some learning – just get right to the good stuff!

PLUS, with a fun wild animals theme, your kiddo will love the pictures while practicing not only tracing number words, but also number meaning, identifying numbers and many more early math skills.


Truly, with lots of different activities and games, these number words tracing worksheets are jam packed full of fun and learning opportunities!

And the fun part is super important, especially if you’re looking at these for really little kids! Keep reading for some simple ways to keep worksheets more fun than work for little kids!


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What’s in the 12-Page Bundle of Number Words Worksheets

Want to have the most fun and learning happening possible with almost no effort?!

That’s truly what I love about printables – all the awesome, none of the fuss! 

In just a couple minutes you can have all the number words worksheets you’ll need and get straight to it.

Number Word Tracing Worksheets preview

This bundle of 12 number words worksheets not only includes the basic word tracing practice you’re after, but also provides opportunities for lots of math learning such as:

  • counting
  • recognizing numbers
  • recognizing number words
  • mazes
  • wordsearch
  • scissors skills
  • matching number values and words
  • sorting

Get Your 12 Number Words Tracing Worksheets Now!

preview of 12 number word tracing worksheets

  • 3 printing 1-10 pages
  • 1 printing 11-20 page
  • 1 matching number word to counted animals
  • 1 matching number word to numeral
  • 1 scissors practice matching number word to numeral
  • 1 scissors practice sorting words by letter
  • 2 mazes reading words in order
  • 1 number word wordsearch
  • 1 finger trail number comparison

That’s a heck of a lot of learning in one bundle! 

Can you believe it’s only $1.70 US?  But yeah, I really do want to be sure making your mom life easier is affordable! 

CLICK HERE to get your 12 Number Tracing Worksheets now!

Ways to Make Number Worksheets Fun for Little Kids

Learning through play is the best way at this age, and worksheets like this are meant to be just fun, not stressful sit down and work kind of activities!

So pretty please, don’t just plop your kiddo at the table and say time to do some math! That isn’t going to get you very far at all, and worse might make your kiddo less enthusiastic about math in the future, yikes! 

So how do you make worksheets play-based?  Here are some ideas:

Kids playing school, watching tv and checking off a list

  1. Play School – Yes, obviously school is much more than worksheets.  But to kids doing one is like doing something that happens in school, so it’s a perfect time for it! Bonus, your child not only experiences the actual content of your worksheet but also practices life skills like following instructions, and working at their seat. 
  2. Watch a TV show with wild animals like the ones on the worksheets.  This will peak their interest and have your child wanting to do “more wild animal activities”.  We love Wild Kratts on Netflix, super fun and informative! Use the worksheets as a station alongside some stuffed animals or playdoh animal .   Once you’ve got a theme it makes everything more fun!
  3. Scavenger Hunt/Mission Challenge – Make one of these finished sheets something to get in a scavenger hunt around the house or a challenge to be done to complete a mission and get a prize.  If it’s just part of the game alongside other parts that don’t involve worksheets, it’s fun not work!
  4. Focus on the Fun Sheets – Do the wordsearch, mazes and finger trail sheets!  They are little games already anyway!

Number Words Worksheets FAQ:

How many sheets are in the bundle?

There are 12 unique worksheets in the bundle.

What ages will use these number word activities?

That is a tough question to say for sure because it depends on two things that don’t always match up with an age:

  1. Where your child is at in their learning journey?
  2. Why you’re using the worksheets – what’s your goal?

Learning Journey:

I never recommend worksheets for truly little kids. Learning through play is where they’re at right now!

Generally, for these number words tracing worksheets at least wait for the following two things:

    1. Your child is able to grasp a writing tool – tiny hands aren’t even developed physically for that yet so don’t stress about it!
    2. Your child is actually interested in letters and numbers!!!!  Seriously, don’t make it work.  Provide the learning opporunity when your child expresses interest.  

child doing a number tracing worksheet

Number Tracing Worksheets Goal:

If it’s use is as part of your play experience just for a toy during pretend play, go for it once your child has or is practicing their writing grasp.  There’s nothing wrong with a 2 or 3 year old having fun scribbling on it during pretend play.  Their hands aren’t physically ready for more so no pressure!

As an actual learning tool, these number word tracing workheets are great worksheet for preschool/kindergarten kids who are learning their letters by providing common, useful number words to practice their letters writing! 


Finally, if your goal is actually learning the number words, spelling them and becoming able to write them independently then it’s actually better for older kindergarten or young elementary school students.

Again, this is all loosely described because the most important thing is that first item of where your child is on their learning journey!

Can my child do these number word worksheets multiple times?

Yes, of course!  Once you own the worksheets you can print them for your own personal use multiple times.   

But I’ve got a better idea for you:

child tracing number words using whiteboard marker

Just slide your number word worksheets into page protectors and do the worksheet over and over using white board markers!

Can I use these number worksheets in my classroom?

Yes! As a teacher myself I know how useful one-off resources can be compared to paying a bundle for a giant book and only using one or two things out of it!

Once you own the digital download it is for your personal use which includes with your students in your classroom.   


You cannot share the digital file or hard copy with others outside of your classroom for their redistribution of it though.  So it can’t be shared with your teacher friends for use in their classrooms. 

Where can I get more kids printables like this? 

I’m continually adding more fun kids printables to the Happy Moments Mom Etsy Shop!  

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Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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