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Easy Paw Patrol Stocking Fillers 

Ready to make at least one part of Christmas easy?! With just a few clicks you can get the best Paw Patrol stocking fillers your little one is sure to love!  

Stocking stuffers often seem to be stressors because they are small and easy to forget until last minute.  So what if you could get a few great Paw Patrol stocking stuffers all in 5 minutes?! 

That would be a mom-win for sure and something I’d love to help you with!

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Any kids ages 1-6 will love the Paw Patrol stocking stuffers in this list!!

I know this because my own kids are 2 and 4 and have always loved the show, but with the new movie this summer their love for the pups has grown even more!! So of course, their want (need if you ask them!) of all things Paw Patrol has grown just as much too! 

Anyone else chuckle at the movie line that the new tower was funded by selling official Paw Patrol merchandise?! 

So let’s get started saving you time and having a great Christmas with a quick note about how the list is made so you can do the best stocking for your kiddo! 

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**This post contains affiliate links meaning at no cost to you I earn a commission on purchases made using the links.  All recommendations are made honestly as things I either own or would/want to buy for my kids. As an Amazon associate I earn on qualifying purchases. Read my full disclosure here. **

Types of Paw Patrol Stocking Stuffers:

Yes, yes, all Paw Patrol stocking stuffers are little items to fit into a stocking –  that much is obvious!  But what kinds of things should you use to fill a toddler or preschooler’s stocking?  

You’ll find that stocking stuffers generally fall into the following 3 categories regardless of what theme you’re looking for:

  • Treat
  • Toy
  • Fun Version of a Useful Item

Getting a mix of all three categories is the secret to great Christmas stocking stuffers for toddlers. 


Honestly, unless you have multiple kids so buying a 4pack or something online makes sense, treats are best picked up from the grocery store or dollar store so they aren’t the focus of this shopping list. 

I’m here to help you, not sell you stuff and I won’t recommend something if I wouldn’t do it myself.  Head to your dollar store and you’ll likely find Paw Patrol candy canes, Paw Patrol chocolates, Paw Patrol gummies – you name it they’ve put pictures of the pups on it!

And if you can’t find a candy Paw Patrol stocking filler, make it that way yourself.  You can definitely find some stickers and just pop one on a cute lollipop or some plainly wrapped bulk candy!

pinterst pin with christmas stocking print and example paw patrol stocking stuffers marshall and skye toys


The obvious, but the trick is picking ones that fit in the stocking, but aren’t just random junky things your child won’t actually play with much!  The toys on this list are great for imaginative, creative play. 

Actually some of them are good for stockings or just as individual presents all on their own depending on how you do stockings!  


As a mom, the fun version of a useful item is a favourite!  If you can find the fun version of something you need to buy anyway then it’s a win all around. 

  • Your child loves gets something with their favourite pups on it
  • You aren’t spending any extra money because you needed it anyway
  • A fun version of everyday may help encourage good routines


How to Shop the Paw Patrol Stocking Fillers List

The list is organized for you by price, starting with the cheapest paw patrol stocking fillers first because we all know us moms love a deal! 

Within each price point items are split into the type of stocking stuffer they are – toy or useful item – so you can easily see you’re getting a mix of the two.

Shopping is simple – I’ve linked everything to its shopping page – most are on Amazon since most people use it these days!  A quick click on the picture or title and you’re on your way to Paw Patrol Christmas stockings made easy!!

All items are available and prices were accurate for category at time of publishingNov.4/21.

Paw Patrol Stocking Fillers for $5 or Less

Stockings do not have to be complicated and do not have to have big ticket items!  Most things in stockings can be quite inexpensive yet still lots of fun!  Here are some great ideas for your little Paw Patrol fan’s stocking that are real winners coming in at under $5 each! 

Toys $5 & Under

paw patrol pups finger puppets on child's hand Amazon link

Bath Finger Puppets

These are so good for pretend play!  We use them as bath toys 🙂  

blue paw patrol colouring book cover with 4 pups Amazon link 288 Page Coloring Book with Stickers

Roll it up and pair it with some cool crayons and you’ve got a big chunk of the stocking done!

Amazon link to paw patrol sticker book cover with chase, marshall and rubble and preview of sticker sheets 

Paw Patrol Stickers

A perfect Paw Patrol stocking filler because stickers are fun and this set of 300 is a great quiet activity to help calm your kiddo when needed on an exciting Christmas day!

Amazon link showing blue jar of paw patrol slime 

Paw Patrol Slime

You’re probably a cooler mom than me – this would be a huge, huge treat in our slime free house!  It’s also a great way to help Santa out for curious kids.  If Santa brings something Mom and Dad would NEVER allow well then what a cool guy he must be!

Fun Useful Items $5 & Under

Amazon link showing product as Orajel kids toothpaste with paw patrol pumps on the tube


Paw Patrol Toothpaste

Perfect for not only being useful Paw Patrol stocking stuffer, but may also help get your toddler wanting to brush their teeth! A true win all around 🙂

Amazon product link showing bottle of bubble bath with paw patrol pups on it

Paw Patrol Bubble Bath

Useful yet very much a bath time treat! This one is also useful because it fits in a stocking but is also big so fills it up!


Amazon link featuring product pink and white striped knee socks with skye and Everest

Skye + Everest Knee Socks

Warm, cozy and with your kiddo’s favourite pups, socks are a stocking stuffer staple for a reason!

Amazon link to toddler cutlery with blue handle featuring picture of paw patrol pups 

Paw Patrol Cutlery Set

This is especially good if your kiddo is small enough they’re just starting to use utensils.  Making them fun may be the encouragement needed to move to actually using a fork, not just fingers!

Paw Patrol Stocking Fillers $6-$10

By going to this price range you can get more stand-alone toys that are sure to impress your little Paw Patrol fan!  It also means the useful items get more useful and you divert more of your Christmas spending from holiday budget to your everyday needs budget!

Toys $6-$10

Amazon link to Chase toy figurine with toy police vehicle


Pup Vehicle + Figure

 Get one for any of your child’s fave pups and you’ve got the toy in the stocking part done!  

Amazon link featuring stuffed toy marshall 

6″ Plush Toy

Again, pick the pup you need – they’re all available as of writing this. Perfect for that cute item sticking out the top of the stocking!!

Uno cards with paw patrol characters Amazon link

Paw Patrol UNO 

A fun game AND a great way to practice early math concepts like sorting, matching, numbers and colours?? Yes, please!

Set of 6 small paw patrol toy figures Amazon link 

Paw Patrol Figures

Put the whole team in the stocking – just take these out of their package and have them mixed in throughout for a super fun stocking opening!

Fun Useful Items $6-$10

Socks featuring paw patrol characters Amazon link

6-Pack Paw Patrol Socks 

Socks in a stocking are a classic so make them of something your child will love to make it special! Buying a 6-pack is perfect if you have a couple little ones who like the pups – split the pack up between stockings and it’s a super affordable choice!

Playtex sippy cups 2 pack featuring paw patrol characters Amazon linkKids water bottle with marshall from paw patrol on it Amazon link

Paw Patrol Cup or Water Bottle

Depending on your child’s age, pick the one that’s most useful and you’ve got super useful stuffer that because of its fun design doubles as a fun gift.  

Set of flash cards with letters to trace Amazon linkPaw Patrol Flash Cards

No need to push learning on little ones, but learning through play is great!  Having these around to expose little ones to letters, maybe play school and learn with the pups 

PAW Patrol Little Boy/Girl Happy Rubble Cotton BodysuitSO cute!

PAW Patrol Toddler Boy Pups Team Merry Christmas 100% Cotton Sweatshirt Cute Paw Patrol Shirt or Christmas Sweater 

This happy rubble shirt is absolutely adorable and perfect for littlest Paw Patrol fans! Roll it up and tuck it in a stocking!


Paw Patrol Stocking Fillers $10-$15

A little bit more actually goes a long way for Paw Patrol stocking stuffers as far as how cool and how useful they can be! 

Especially worth it for the fun useful items, you might as well spend that money now and make the stocking something great since you’ll end up spending it anyway!

Toys $10-$15

Ryder pup pad electronic toy

Ryder’s Pup Pad

A fun interactive toy and the batteries are included!

Rocky and green dinosaur toy figuresDino Pups Figure + Dinosaur

 The fun addition in season 6 of a whole dinosaur world brought lots of cool new toys!

Tin of 40 paw patrol magnetsPaw Patrol Play Magnets 

Imagine being able to cook dinner in peace because your kiddo is perfectly happy creating their own adventure on the fridge!  These are in a stocking at my house this year for sure. As they’re magnets make sure you follow the manufacturer recommended age!

Fun Useful Items $10-$15

Toddler digital watch featuring marshall

Paw Patrol Digital Watch

Is your kiddo starting to learn about time?  A cool watch is a perfect stocking stuffer and this Marshall one is so fun!


Grey skye winter hat with pink pom pom and grey mittens Blue winter hat with marshall, rubble and chase with blue mittens

Paw Patrol Winter Hat Set

A great Paw Patrol stocking filler because it really fills the space and is super useful if you live where it’s cold!

Red blue and yellow elbow pads, knee pads and gloves


Elbow + Knee Pads

Safety First!  If your chid is also getting a fun active toy like a scooter this set is the perfect Paw Patrol stocking filler to go with it!

Toddler boys paw patrol underwear

Paw Patrol Underwear

This Paw Patrol stocking filler may seem boring, but for a little one just learning to go to the potty these are exciting for kids and moms.  Kids are excited to be big kids with cool underwear as an incentive and moms are excited to get rid of diapers!!

One Last Thing: Need a Paw Patrol Stocking?!

Make the whole stocking theme complete with a cool Paw Patrol stocking!  I mean, you certainly can’t use these Paw Patrol stocking stuffers without a stocking! 

So just in case you…

  • Can’t find your stockings from last year because that “safe place” is sometimes too safe, right?!
  • Are celebrating your child’s first Christmas (how exciting if it is!!)?
  • Get a new one every year to customize stockings to your child’s interests

Here are some great stocking options for the little Paw Patrol fan in your life so you really can get everything stocking related done right now!  

Best Paw Patrol Stocking Stuffers DONE

There you go!  You’re done – pick a couple of these Paw Patrol stocking fillers and you’re golden for having your child’s stocking not be in any way stressful for you and in every way loved when your child opens it this year! 

That’s one thing crossed off your Christmas to-do list!  Now, to send cute Christmas notes in preschool or kindergarten lunches!


Enjoy a happy moment,


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