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How to Have the Most Memorable Summer Ever: Toddler Summer Activities Bingo!

Fun summer toddler activities are awesome and plentiful – you can have so much fun with your family! Beach days, playground & splash pad visits, bike riding, hiking – I could list so many!  In fact, read on and you’ll get 48 fun summer activities for your toddler and preschool kids! 

Some years though, it feels like the summer just flew by and you didn’t do the special things you planned!  It is so easy to get caught up in the everyday routines, errands and well, life.  That fun toddler activity you’ve been putting off until tomorrow or next weekend doesn’t get done.  You blinked and suddenly it’s September! 

But you know what helps make sure you get things done?  A list! Or in this case a list turned into a game!

On the flip side, maybe you’re looking at a long summer of no preschool class and wondering what you’re going to fill your days with?!  Keep reading! Like I said,  I’ve got 48 awesome ideas for you and a super fun way for the kids to be excited about doing them all!


The first time we did a summer fun list was when my eldest was one.  The year before I felt like we kept putting things off because of having a 4 month old, and knew more was possible.  So we wrote a list – literally, just a plain old Google doc that I shared with my husband.  Nothing fancy, but it worked!! We did SO MUCH MORE that summer!

It’s a yearly thing now that we look forward to creating our summer fun list.  There are the tried and true favourites that always go on the list like camping at our favourite provincial park, but every year we look for new places to discover too!  It is no longer a boring old shared Google Doc though. 

Keep reading to get a FREE DOWNLOAD with 48 awesome summer activities for young kids and a fun way to accomplish all of them!

This year it will be a whole family event to create our family summer fun list. I’ve always loved a good list (as you may know from my mom journal choices), but I also hate calling the things you want to get done a bucket list.  It’s kinda morbid don’t you think?! 

I can just hear my 4 year old: “Mom, why’s it called a bucket list? Do we put it in a bucket?!”  

I feel no need for that conversation at the moment!  Instead, let’s make it a fun summer activities game!

Choosing Activities

toddler boy playing at beach in summer

The best toddler summer activities to include on your list are:

  1. A mix of big special events & simple activities.  Simple things are often overlooked, but they add up to a lot of fun!  This visual lets you see just how awesome you really are making lots of happy little moments for your little ones! 
  2. Make a simple routine activity special like “Play at a NEW playground”.  Super easy for mom but feels out of the ordinary special because it’s new!
  3. Cheap, budget friendly options.  Yes, some may be special once a year events like a visit to a favourite amusement park.  Most of ours are frugal fun and the kids have a blast!
  4. Include some rainy day options





printable preview toddler summer activities bingo sheets

I’ve done ALL the work for you!  The fancy board, cute pictures and fully customizable for what works for your family!  This FREE download includes 48 awesome summer activities any kid 5 and under will love!! You’ll make so many happy moments this summer that add up to one fantastic season.

There’s an awesome mix of big moments like going to a fair and small moments like going on a treasure hunt

Two Ways to Use the Download:

  1. Use the Toddler Summer Activity Bingo download exactly as it is and you’re done! Get started making those happy moments and cross things off as you go!
  2. Cut & glue to customize it to fit your family perfectly for your best summer yet by choosing exactly which of the 48 activities you want to enjoy!

Want a way to make it extra fun and special?! 

  1. Get it printed on big paper at your local print shop! I just put in my order at Staples as a big 18″x24″ poster and it cost $18CDN.  For me, that is totally worth it to get my kids excited about a summer of fun!! 
  2. Share this post with a friend so they can download it too and you can play along together! 

Share this fun game now!


Be Creative With the Toddler Summer Activities!!

Here are some of the 48 ideas you get inthe printable bingo game!   I’ve left the titles broad to allow you to make it work for you and your family!!

  • Fishing – In our house this means finding a big stick and putting it in the pond!  Or make your own game with this easy DIY toddler fishing game!
  • Visit a Splash Pad – We have this one on our bingo card a few times to try out a few different ones in our city.
  • Board Games Day – Perfect for a rainy day OR fun to take outside to make it a little special
  • Eat at a Restaurant Patio – Restaurants with toddlers aren’t always fun, but a patio is casual and cool for summer. 
  • Go to a Museum – So many have great children’s areas!  Even local little community ones can be interesting for something to do on a rainy day!  Lots of places even have good free deals for kids or at certain times!
  • Ride a Scooter/ Ride a Bike – In your driveway or make it special and take it somewhere like a park, pathway or even skate park.  
  • Flag Hunt – Perfect for a rainy day drive or hot day drive in the cool A/C to go looking for flags and count how many you can find!  
  • Treasure Hunt – A great way to  make a regular walk stand out and be fun!
  • Summer Reading Club – Join your local library’s program.  In Canada, check out the TD Summer Reading Club
  • Sailing a Boat – This could mean actually being on a boat OR it could mean making leaf boats like suggests and sailing them down a stream or on a pond while on a hike!
  • Car Wash – A great air conditioned activity for a really hot day to take the kids through one OR a fun way to play in the water by washing some car toys!
  • Obstacle Course – Don’t worry about the fancy ones you see online where someone has spent so much time making pool noodle wonders (unless you want to in which case wow, well done!!!).  Use whatever you’ve got outside.  Run between the blocks, crawl around the playhouse, grab the flag from in the tree, wiggle under the slide, hop on leaves etc.  Anything can be an obstacle! 

DIY Bingo Game:

If you don’t want to download one done and ready for you (why not?!) you can make one yourself.  Put your own ideas or use mine on a homemade square grid chart!  No need to tie yourself to the word Bingo and a 5×5 grid.  If you have more than 25 ideas, do a bigger 6×6 (36 ideas) or 7×7 (49 ideas) grid. 

bingo card

I wouldn’t go for bigger than that though, especially with little kids!  You want to make it an achievable summer fun list without being a headache for yourself!!!  Make it a fun summer for everyone, not just the kids!!

A big piece of poster board, some markers, crayons and a long straight edge and you’re on your way!  You draw the grid.  The kids can have lots of fun helping come up with ideas and drawing pictures for them while you write some simple toddler summer activity labels for each block. 

Summer Bingo Prizes:

Come up with some prizes together as a family to celebrate getting Bingo!  Every time you get a line on the card, a line on the card and a big grand prize for if you fill the entire card!  Sometimes a little bribe – oops, I mean positive reinforcement 😉 – goes a long way with little ones! 

In that moment of trying to get toddlers out the door, put sunscreen on, get buckled in the car seat, or any of the other million times they can be difficult despite going to do something they love, that reminder of we are almost to our bribe (I mean prize, oops again) can be helpful! 

Plus it’s just fun and this is all about having a super summer of fun!


These prizes can be whatever you like, but I suggest keeping them small – there are a lot of lines!  The point is having all the fun, not stuff.   I like to make these a mix of little dollar store trinket prizes like a sheet of stickers, outdoor toy or craft kit and little food treats like a Kinder egg or something else I don’t usually buy.  


The big full card prize for us is going to be a new outdoor toy plus a special summer backyard family party!  The kids can help pick some favourite treats, decorate the patio, play some music and play some games!  I led them to choosing this prize for two reasons:

  • It is easy! It honestly isn’t all that much different than a regular summer weekend afternoon, but call it a party, add some festive decorations, music and games and the kids will love it!!! Remember, simple can be special!
  • The new outdoor toy is definitely a real treat, but also just good to have late in summer.  The whole season kids have been playing with a lot of the same stuff, but it stays warm into the fall.  This gives them something fresh to play with and as a mom bonus, nearing the end of summer seasonal stuff is usually on sale or people are selling second-hand ones because their child has outgrown it. 

Prize Ideas:

Some good toy prizes that will be fresh and fun to last through the fall too:

  1. New Beach Toys: At this point of the summer you may have broken a few, lost a few, or just want to add fresh new ones.  And remember, sand toys are great for in the snow too!
  2. New Summer Sports: We have this t-ball set and both kids (2 & 4) love it! I’d say equally because it’s fun to hit the ball and fun to knock it over!
  3. A BIG reward if you want to go that big (totally unnecessary – we don’t!) could be a big outdoor addition like this great playhouse!  This is actually the one we have in our yard and we love it! It isn’t as expensive as a lot of play houses but is a great choice!  It has no floor so it’s easy to move around the yard, big enough to fit both my kids, and awesome for having two doors and is really a toy for all seasons! 
  4. If you’re looking for a BIG reward for kids over 3, these climbers are so fun and so good for kids’ fitness! I’ve been wanting one to add to our back yard, but a waiting until both kids can safely use it.

Don’t forget to download your FREE Summer Fun Bingo !! 

Summer almost over and thinking about starting school?!  Check out these awesome kindergarten lunch box notes to send some love with your little one!

I hope you have lots of fun doing these toddler summer activities making it a season full of happy moments and happy memories.  

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printable preview toddler summer activities bingo sheets

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