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Perfect Printable Halloween Puzzles for Preschoolers 

Printable Halloween Puzzles – the perfect solution you’ve been looking for to create some Halloween fun for your toddler or preschooler.  All the spooky fun with none of the high seasonal price tags or super gruesome images.  These printable Halloween jigsaw puzzles are the perfect addition to your seasonal toys.Halloween Puzzle of Treats in a Cauldron with a pumpkin

Yes, your kids will love these Halloween jigsaw puzzles, but so will you because puzzles offer a wealth of developmental opportunities as well like:

        • hand-eye coordination
        • problem solving
        • fine motor skills
        • memory
        • patience
        • sharing & taking turns (if doing puzzles together)

Whether it’s a haunted house, witch, or jack-o-lantern these printable Halloween puzzles are perfect for little ones to celebrate the season.  Maybe it’s for a spooky rainy day activity at home OR use these printable Halloween puzzles for a perfect preschool Halloween party activity (we will be!).skeleton with pumpkin head

Read on to get your 10 awesome puzzles with spooky pictures of all your kid’s favourite Halloween things:

        • Witch
        • Ghost
        • Treats
        • Haunted house
        • Skeleton
        • Spiders
        • Monsters
        • Jack-o-lantern
        • Halloween unicorn (my daughter made me do it!)
        • Halloween Dinosaur (my son loves dinos!)

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Why Use Printable Halloween Puzzles?

When jjgsaw puzzles are a favourite, it is so important to refresh your puzzles so that your child gets new challenges and isn’t just doing the same ones by memory.  Two issues with creating a good puzzle library are:

1. Puzzle Costs Add Up 

2. Picture Availability

Printable Halloween Puzzle with a green monster and a purple monster

Let’s start with the first.  Puzzles can run anywhere from a couple dollars up to $15-$20 each for some of the big floor puzzles.  As awesome as those puzzles are, that adds up quickly when you’re trying to make sure you have a variety of puzzle pictures, types and difficulties available for your child to choose from. 

It can really be cost-prohibitive which is a shame because of all those great learning opportunities puzzles offer while having lots of fun! 

Printables are the perfect way to refresh and add new puzzles without breaking the bank!  I mean, hey, these printable Halloween jigsaw puzzles I have for you are FREE!!  Doesn’t get any cheaper than that!!Haunted house with full moon Halloween puzzle

Now the second issue- pictures!  Just because it’s something that is your child’s favourite interest or hobby doesn’t mean it’s popular! 

Weirdly despite how popular Halloween is, when you do a search for toddler and preschool Halloween puzzles not much comes up!? The only one I found that I liked was this 20 piece puzzle with unique Halloween shapes.  

Halloween puzzles printables mean fully customizable puzzles perfect for specific seasons or other interests!  

two spiders hanging on spiderweb puzzle

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How To Use Your  Printable Halloween Jigsaw Puzzle

The process itself is SO EASY! And if it’s for an older toddler or preschooler then they can definitely be involved in the process and enjoy a bit of craft time too!  This makes these puzzles a sure win on the mom effort vs. kid fun balance

cardboard box, glue, scissors and utility knife
        • Printable Halloween Puzzle File
        • Cardstock
        • Cardboard Box
        • Scissors
        • Glue Stick
        • Utility Knife

Step 1: Print out your Halloween puzzle printables


If this is for older toddlers and preschoolers you can actually skip step 2 if you just print the images out right onto your cardstock. Sometimes the printer curls the cardstock a bit – just give them a quick roll in the opposite direction or sit them under some heavy books for a bit! 

Step 2: Glue your image to cardstock or cardboardchild gluing paper

The cardboard is best for really little ones as it is a bit sturdier and will last! If your child is 2 or older, cardstock is easier and should work just fine!

Make sure you get the glue all over so no pieces start to peel off!  Little ones are usually pretty good at wanting to cover absolutely everything in glue though, so shouldn’t be a problem lol!

Step 3: Cut out Halloween puzzle pieces

 If you’re using cardstock and your older child is able to use scissors include them in this step, especially for the straight line piece puzzles.  This adds even more developmental practice and will help them when they do the puzzle too!  They will have already studied what details are separated when they cut. Pinterest Pin with witch, haunted house, pumpkin and ghost puzzles

Did you use cardboard for young toddlers? This is an adult job then as using a utility knife is the easiest way to cut out the pieces.

Just put another piece of cardboard or cutting board underneath so you don’t cut your surface and follow the lines of the printable!

**Want your puzzles to last a lot longer?  A personal laminator like this can keep your puzzles safe for your kids to use until they outgrow them!**

Step 4: Have fun! 

For a reference picture you can print off the smaller set of images I’ve included in the printable or if you want to save ink, just show the full image on your phone or tablet right from this site!  Just pick any flat surface and start solving the puzzles!

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Optional Puzzle Method for Older Preschoolers:

Want something truly child-led for an older preschool child?  I call this the live and let live method!

Just give them the full Halloween picture sheet without any piece lines drawn on it and ask them to draw their own lines and cut them out. See what happens!four jack-o-lanterns Halloween puzzle picture

It’s a safe space – I mean, watch them with the scissors – but really it is a safe space to experiment and even to fail.  Failure is so important to let happen sometimes because it is so helpful to learn from!! Not only for the problem solving perspective, but from an emotional perspective to develop perseverance.

Worst case scenario it’s wrecked and you print it off again.  Not a big deal (although it will be for your kiddo so be prepared!), but being given the freedom to make all the decisions will feel like a big deal to a little kid!dinosaur eating a jack-o-lantern

If your child’s not quite ready for full on “do what you want and see what happens” then help them get there by letting them do it that way but with the support of asking some leading questions to help them consider their options and pick a good layout:

    • What type of lines do you think will be hard or easy? 
    • What kind of pieces do you see on puzzles you already own? 
    • How many pieces do you think it should be?  
    • What part of the picture will be hardest/easiest to put together?
    • How big do you think the pieces should be?

What Makes These Halloween Puzzles Printables The Best?!

So you just see a cute picture of a witch? And you’re thinking what’s so special about that? witch with a frog puzzle picture

Honestly just like when I’m teaching in the classroom, what the kids see and what is really going on may be two different things!  There’s been a lot of thought put into these Halloween jigsaw puzzles to make them developmentally appropriate and fun! 

The teacher in me knows how to prep an activity for success! First, I always makes sure things are loads of fun because otherwise kids won’t use them so who cares what other learning I’m sneaking in!  But next, I am 100% sneaking in lots of learning by being very purposeful and thoughtful in the design of these Halloween puzzles printables!halloween jigsaw puzzle unicorn with pumpkin

Here’s what you should notice about these printable Halloween puzzles:

      • Each picture comes with two piece count options  – beginner & advanced for each!
      • The pieces are all cut so that kids can see parts of the image that go together.  All pieces have hints!
      • The pieces have options for shapes – straight, wavy or traditional jigsaw for multiple challenges. 
      • Age appropriate Halloween pictures – nothing really grotesque!
      • High contrast colours
      • Fun pictures with big details.
      • Outside border to help recognize the outside even when all pieces are straight edged

So go have fun doing puzzles over and over again until Halloween! 

In case you missed it,


Enjoy a happy moment! 

❤ Sara

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