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Sweet Valentine’s Day Memory Game 

Want some fun and simple Valentine’s Day fun for your kids?  Play this cute Valentine’s Day Matching Game for quick and easy memory game fun.  Great for all ages, but especially fun for little ones!

Memory games are a favourite around here for any holiday and we make our own a lot!  They are also something I use a lot in my classroom too as a fun way to work on lots of different skills!  

document preview with 36 cards with valentines theme pairs

And it doesn’t matter that we’ve played a memory match game before – by adding a new set of cards with new pictures it’s like a whole new game so the kids are interested in it again!

Overall, a printable Valentine’s Day memory game is such a cheap and easy way to infuse something new and exciting into a celebration to make it a little more special, you really can’t go wrong with it!

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Want to know more about the game?  Keep reading for all the details about how to play memory match, who will love it, what places it’s great for and tips to make the game temper tantrum free from a mom who has played a lot of memory match! 

valentine's day matching games preview of pages with image pairs game cards

Who Can Play This Valentine’s Day Matching Game?

Matching Game Player Age:

This game is perfect for so many settings because it works for so many ages and stages of kids!

Little ones as young as 2 can look for pairs, and older kids like this classic game too – they’re just faster to find pairs! 

The easiest way to modify the game for your littlest players is simply to not use all the cards!  This set comes with 36 colourful Valentine’s Day theme cards, but for toddlers, just use fewer: maybe start with 6 pairs then add more in as they get comfortable with the game and are ready for more challenge!

Valentine Matching Game Cards

Matching Game Locations:

As for where to play, the answer really is anywhere!! Some of the places this Valentine matching game is perfect for include:

  • daycare
  • preschool
  • kindergarten
  • little kids Valentine’s Day party
  • at home just for something to do

Number of Players:

It’s also a great game because it works for any number of people to play.  In fact, you don’t even need a group! My daughter enjoys playing memory match games solo during quiet time like she’s playing solitaire.  She just likes to find all the pairs herself! 

For the traditional way to play taking turns, you can start playing with just 2 people or up to 4 people. More in a group is possible of course, but that’s awhile to wait for a turn again so for little kids keeping it to 4 is probably best. 

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How To Play The Valentine’s Day Memory Game

  1. Print and cut out the Valentines memory game cards.  Check out the supplies tips below to make your cards fabulous!
  2. Spread out the memory game cards face down so no one can see the pictures.   You can do a simple grid, or make it fun by arranging the cards in a heart shape!
  3. The first player flips up two cards face up in their spots trying to find a pair.   If the two match, they keep that pair.  If they don’t match, flip the cards back over to be hidden again.  It is key that the player makes sure everyone can see what the picture is on each card when it is flipped so everyone can remember where pictures are if they find the other matching card! grid of face down memory match cards with a matching pair flipped up
  4. The next player takes their turn repeating the same steps as the first player.
  5. Continue taking turns until all of the cards are matched and taken.
  6. Count how many pairs each player has at the end.  The winner is the person with the most pairs of Valentines memory cards.Valentine memory match cards counting pairs

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Game Play Tips for Toddlers:

  1. Play taking turns no matter if you get a pair or not.  Some people like to play that if you get a pair you get to keep going on your turn, but this gets frustrating quickly for the littlest players!!
  2. Don’t use all the cards!  This set contains 18 pairs which means 36 cards.  That’s a lot to keep track of for little ones!  Start simple with 5 pairs (so only 10 cards) then add in more as your child better understands the game and can keep track of more cards.
  3. Don’t make it about winning!  Instead of playing one player against the other, play your Valentine’s Day memory game on a team together trying to achieve an empty table.  Is your child getting better and wants a challenge, keep it as a team and play against the clock – how fast can you get the cards matched together? 
  4. Say the word out loud.  Memory is aided by seeing the picture and saying its name at the same time.  For your youngest players, this is a great way to learn new words too!

Valentine's Game Cards playing Go Fish

BONUS:  These cards are perfect for playing Valentine’s Day Go Fish too!!

How To Print/Make Valentine’s Matching Game Cards:

All you really need for this game is to print it off and you can start having fun!   

**Download Your Valentine’s Day Memory Game Here**

The best (easiest) way to print and be done is by using cardstock so little kids prone to peeking can’t see through to the other side! 

I’ve also included a cute heart print to put on the opposite side to make these even cuter and harder to see through.  Just do a double sided print with the cards on one side and the print on the other.

Don’t have cardstock?  Not to worry, just print it on regular paper, glue the squares to construction paper and cut out each card that way. 

valentine memory cards glued to construction paper backing

We actually like to use construction paper on purpose sometimes for two reasons:

  • Regular paper is easy to cut – These cards are a great size for some holiday scissor practice
  • Paper Colour Choice – When printed on white first, you can see the pictures perfectly and make the colour on the back of the cards perfect for the occasion too!  A nice red or pink makes these Valentine’s Day memory game cards pop!

preview of valentine's day memory match card game printable

Make Your Valentine’s Day Memory Game Perfect

If you’re a printables pro, you probably have these items on hand, but if you’re just getting started here are some things I recommend to make your use of fun printables like this Valentine’s Day matching game even better!  Seriously, they are game changers!

Paper Cutter

A quick swipe and you’ve got a crisp, straight cut! So satisfying and so much faster than scissors!

Personal Laminator

Having a personal laminator really comes in handy for preschool printables you want to reuse that are in pieces like these Valentines memory game cards.  Pop the cards in the sheet, run it through your laminator and voila, your new game is so easily reusable! 

If you’re printing this for a classroom or other group setting I highly recommend getting one so all your printable games and fun are are reusable year after year! 

Page Protectors & Whiteboard Markers

Not as useful for this game, but I always want to mention this easy option for other full page printables like this Valentine’s Day Board Game I created!   You can get a pack of plastic page protectors and bam, just like that your cute printable activity page can now be done and redone countless times using whiteboard markers!! So cheap and so effective! 

As a teacher I have A LOT of different activities and sheets to organize.  Binders are your friend, my friend!  Once you’ve printed something and are moving on from the first time you’ve done it, store it in a binder of all your printables organized either by season, topic, alphabetical – whatever works for you!  

Because I have so much, I’ve got a binder for each season then within each I separate by subject and within that go alphabetical.  I also have a running table of contents at the beginning of each binder. Yes, I’m an organizing nerd and I love it!  

Last Chance: Get your Valentine’s Day Matching Game Now!

Enjoy a happy moment!

❤ Sara

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