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Cool Ice Cream Crafts

Ice Cream!!! Chocolate, strawberry, mint chocolate chip, bubble gum…what’s your child’s favourite flavor?  Now that it’s hot out, we are on a real ice cream kick over here! Watching my kids’ warm little faces light up at the mention of an ice cream makes me smile every time.  Naturally, this also means we have done a bunch of ice cream crafts!

Luckily for you that means that I’m sharing with you a bunch of super easy (you know my motto) ice cream crafts.  With some simple tweaks everything is doable from little one year olds to preschoolers, just use age appropriate supplies.  These are also the best easy ice cream crafts because unless you want to add some extra fancy details, everything on this list requires nothing more than construction paper, scissors, glue and crayons! 

Prep is so simple in fact, this is the perfect time to get older preschool age kids to help a lot. It is basically just cutting multiple scoops, cones and a few other shapes.  Draw a few scoops and cones for them to cut while you quickly layer paper and cut a bunch of others all at the same time! Prep takes maybe 2 minutes for each craft – doesn’t get much better than that!

Check out the Prep Time Fun section if you do need some ice cream fun to chat about or distract little ones with while getting everything ready!

Now, onto the fun ice cream crafts!


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Prep Time Fun

Ice Cream Facts:

-It takes about 50 licks to finish a single ice cream scoop. Count next time you enjoy one!

-It takes 3 gallons of milk to make 1 gallon of ice cream

-Vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor.

For more fun facts and loads of other ice cream stuff check out

Ice Cream Jokes

What’s a mouse’s favourite dessert?  -Mice Cream!

What does a ghost eat on a hot day?  – I Scream!

What ice cream is a scarecrow’s favourite?  – Strawberry!

Ice Cream Song

Cool Ice Cream Crafts

1. Ice Cream Truck & Conesconstruction paper ice cream truck craft with paper ice cream cones

Cut out the few simple pieces needed: 

  • food truck shape
  • two circle wheels
  • rectangle for window
  • two cones for decoration (one big, one small)

Glue it all together, making sure the canopy rectangle gets glued at the top only to flip up as the service window.  Finish it off with the cone decorations and whatever else they want!  Make a bunch of cones to go with it by cutting triangles + coloured scoop to glue together. Now you’ve got a great ice cream craft that also becomes a toy!  We taped a piece of paper to the back to make a pocket to store the cones in the truck.

You may be thinking: this ice cream truck is a little plain.  Yes, my 4 year old liked it just the way it was and did not want to draw on it or add any details! Since I like to be real here, instead of the cute little truck I imagined (and tried to nudge her towards) I’m sharing with you how it truly turned out at my house! There are so many cute details you can add.  Draw the person in the serving window, a driver window with driver, headlights, decorate the canopy…so many things! Share yours with me on facebook!

Now, that’s not to say this ice cream craft wasn’t loved!  It’s that the way she loved it and the way I thought she’d love it are two different things.  A good, but sometimes hard lesson to learn as a mom!  It has actually become a really popular quiet time toy for pretend play.  She drives it around her room selling ice cream to all her dolls and stuffies!  ice cream truck craft playing with dolls

If your kiddo loves playing with this ice cream truck craft, I highly recommend this toy ice cream cart  for so much pretend play fun! My eldest got it over a year ago for her 3rd birthday and it is still a popular toy in our house.  Both my kids love it, and I love it because it is interactive even when playing individually!

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2. Simple ScoopIce Cream Cone Craft with stickers

The easiest of all, you only need to cut some triangle cones, some colourful scoops and then provide anything in your craft drawer your kiddo would like to decorate!  Sequins, paper shapes, crayons/markers, stickers yarn, you name it, they can put it on an ice cream as sprinkles, ripple or other delicious chunks! 

This photo is an out of this world flavor we’ve named Starberry because we had so many space stickers leftover from our space crafts and you’ve got to work with what you’ve got!

I know, I know… it’s so simple, but the fact is just because something is easy for you to get together doesn’t mean it isn’t fun or educational (or both) for your toddler!  It is perfect for a younger toddler but open-ended so an older child can do even more with it!

This simple little ice cream cone is actually fabulous for developing fine motor skills while picking up the little decorations, spatial awareness seeing what fits where, and the open-ended creativity lets their imaginations soar! And honestly, kids just love to squeeze that glue bottle!! 

Liquid Glue Tip: Only twist the top so that it is barely open.  That way energetic squeezes still only get a little drop out! 

3. Cupcake Crinkle ScoopsCupcake Liner Cones

This simple craft uses some cute cupcake holders as the ice cream scoops.  Cut a brown triangle cone and you’re done – glue them together!  We added some tissue paper sprinkles to make it a little more fun!

4. Sprinkle NumbersSprinkle Scoops Numbers Match

Craft time is the perfect time for talking about and exploring numbers through play! No need for workbooks or anything specifically meant to directly teach… have some fun with ice cream craft time instead! 

Cut out as many cones as numbers you want to do. Cut the same number of scoops. Write a number on each cone cut out – in order or not, your choice! Your child glues the scoop on and then decorates it by gluing on the exact number of paper sprinkles the cone says! 

Keep it Playful!

A happy moment is the goal.

Focus on the fun and the learning will just happen naturally.  Pretend your little one is running an an ice cream shop while you craft.  You’re the customer and the cone number you pass them is your order they need to make for you! You can do little cut paper sprinkles like we did or use any of the fun crafty decorations you have – the material doesn’t matter, just use the right amount.

For younger kids not counting yet, do it together.  They have all the fun of the glue and picking out decorations and they hear you counting to start learning the numbers and their meaning.

When you’re done use the cones you made to have even more fun! Make a secret ice cream trail where you have to put the cones you’ve made in order to get to the treasure, turn them all over and take turns picking a cone – whoever picks the biggest number wins!  

Want more learning games like this with ice cream?  I’ve got a whole list of 8 easy ice cream alphabet & number games!

5. Name ScoopsName Letter Scoops

Cut one cone and as many scoops as needed for your child’s name.  Each scoop gets a letter written by either your child or you depending on age/ability and then glue it all on a piece of paper so ice cream spells their name!  If you want, decorate the scoops and all around the paper to make it fancy if your kids are in the mood for more crafty fun! Perfect to put up in a child’s room or on its door!

6. Ice Cream Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint Ice Cream Craft
Photo Credit:

Finally, this last preschool ice cream craft is on our ice cream crafts to do list!  I think the kids will just love playing with the puffy paint! Check outthis post from Sarah at This Farm Family Life where she has a great step by step photo tutorial.

It’s simple really, just mix equal parts of shaving cream and glue together then add a few drops of the colour paint you want!  We just didn’t have any shaving cream to do it – putting some in the grocery order so it’s ready whenever ice cream crafts come up again!

Want more ice cream fun??

Check out these super easy DIY ice cream games for learning letters & numbers!

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  1. I love your creativity! I actually have a 5 year old daugther who loves to play with papers and crafts! I will definitely try these with her! She will have lots of fun for sure!

  2. What great ideas! Plus, what child wouldn’t want to make a craft the includes all of their favorite ice cream flavors?

  3. Thanks! I love how easy things can be yet still so fun for little kids! My own kids made all of these and had a blast doing it!

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