6 st. patrick's day color by number sheets preview

St. Patrick’s Day Color By Number Fun

It’s your lucky day!  Here are some awesome St. Patrick’s Day color by number printables!! Full of rainbows, gold, leprechauns and all things from the Emerald Isle these fun St. Patrick’s Day coloring by number worksheets are just what you need for some quick and easy fun on March 17th.


This cute instant download PDF is perfect for kids of all ages whether you’re looking for some St. Patrick’s Day activities to have fun at home or in your classroom.  

Get Your St. Patrick’s Day Color By Number Printables Now!

This bundle of fun color by number worksheets is a great combination of St. Patrick’s Day pictures making sure there is something for everyone to love! 

The 6 totally unique pictures include:

  • Pot of gold at the end of a rainbow
  • Cartoon shamrock
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day leprechaun
  • Lucky four leaf clover collage
  • Dancing leprechauns
  • Leprechaun with shamrock background

6 st. patrick's day color by number sheets preview

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St. Patrick’s Day Color By Number Learning Opportunities:

I love a color by number because it’s mainly just a fun colouring activity for kids, but is actually working on such awesome skills at the same time!  Depending where your child is on their learning journey they are so super useful for:

  • number recognition
  • matching
  • color sight word recognition
  • initial letter sounds
  • final letter sounds
  • fine motor skills

Adapting the Color By Number for Different Ages

It’s also so easy to tailor a color by number St. Patrick’s Day activity to all the ages of your kids from toddler to kindergarten and beyond!

For example, at our house with an almost 5 year old and a 2 year old here’s what it looks like:

2 year old

I quickly shade over each colour word with the correct crayon and bam he can do it all himself because he no longer needs to read the words. 

He just focuses on looking for each number which honestly at this point I’m not worried about him knowing which one is which.  It’s just more about the idea of matching the symbol he sees to the colour – the fact that the “symbol” is a number is just great exposure to those numerals for when we actually do work on knowing them!

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4 year old

Give her the sheet and she will shade over the ones she knows and any she gets stuck on we use the skills she is learning in kindergarten. 

She looks at the first letter and the last letter of a word, makes their sounds and then she can figure out which colour it is.  Or sometimes I just provide the crayons themselves and for any she doesn’t remember she can look at the label and match the words. 

Simple supports makes the same activity work for both ages!

St. Patrick’s Day Color By Number FAQ:

How big are the St. Patrick’s Day color by number sheets? 

These coloring sheets are designed as 8.5×11 US Letter Size PDF Files.

What ages are these St. Patrick’s Day printables good for?

Any age you think will enjoy it honestly.  Littlest hands can scribble away, and even really big kids might enjoy the relaxing act of colouring with the colours already defined for them.  It can be a very calming activity!

Where are these leprechaun coloring sheets useful?

Again, wherever you want! 

St. Patrick’s Day printables like these coloring sheets are perfect for:

  • at home with your own children
  • in your daycare
  • preschool
  • kindergarten
  • elementary school classroom fun for when other work is finished

Why are there spaces without numbers?

I’m so glad you asked! The only spaces without numbers are the faces of the leprechauns. 

This is on purpose so your child can make the leprechauns reflect the diversity in our world!  If you don’t have them already I totally recommend getting a set of the Crayola Colours of the World crayons!!

Don’t forget to grab your cute St. Patrick’s Day color by number sheets easily at the Happy Moments Mom Etsy shop!

Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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