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5 Minute Valentine Fish Craft

Love crafts but your little one doesn’t have the patience to sit and do something complicated?!  This super cute Valentine Fish Craft is for you!! Simple materials, easy prep and can be done quickly (or not if the crafty mood does strike!)

Lately my 2 year old just isn’t in the mood for much crafting land when the mood does strike it’s got to be something simple with a quick result he can see right away.  Bonus points if it’s something he can play with, which means this Valentine fish craft was a huge hit here!


We honestly had such a fun time running around making our fish swim afterwards so I figured I’d share this super simple quick craft AND some fun ways to play with your finished fish!

How To Make a Valentine Fish Craft

The beauty of this one is in its simplicity – and yes, its cuteness when you’re done is pretty great too.  Here’s an easy to follow step by step instructions to make your very own fish made of hearts!

Heart Fish Craft Materials

This is my favourite kind of craft – all you need is:

  • construction paper – 2 colours or more
  • glue stick
  • scissors
  • marker or crayon

paper hearts glue and scissors

Seriously, a craft made just of paper is so great because you can get it prepped in no time so that the fact that it’s a quick craft isn’t a negative.  You still aren’t spending any more time planning than you are doing the activity so your mom effort vs. kid fun balance is in check!

Step 1: Cut Main Heart Shapes for Your Valentine Fish Craft

You need one large heart for the body, one medium size heart or the tail and one small heart for the big fish lips.  The actual size doesn’t matter – just make them in proportion to one another.  

The easiest way is to just fold paper and freehand cut a half heart shape along the fold so when you open it the heart is identical on both sides! 

Don’t think you can cut a good heart shape?  No worries, I’ve got you!

heart fisht template with three size hearts

Just enter your name and email below to download this Free PDF Valentine Fish Craft Template I’ve made for you of three hearts that are a good fit with each other. Bonus – you’ll also get the Happy Moments Mom newsletter of more fun ideas which is max once a week, sometimes less often.  I’m a busy mom too!


In fact,  the template actually gves you the opportunity to add in some colouring fun if you just make the fish using white paper instead of adding the step of transferring it to construction paper.  Do whatever you feel like to decorate the fish!

Step 2: Glue the Heart Fish Tail 

medium sized heart glued onto large heart

Put some glue at the point of the medium size heart and glue it in place in the middle of the top of the large size heart.  Your tail will cover the large one where you won’t see it is a heart anymore, but your child has still had the fun of it being a fish made of hearts!

Step 3: Glue the Heart Lips

I love these big, cartoon lips ready for a Valentine’s smooch, don’t you?! 

small heart glued to point of big heart and medium glued to top


Put your glue at the point of the small heart.  With the fish body on the table so you can see the tail heart, glue the small heart on the point of the large heart facing the opposite direction of the tail.

Step 4: Decorate Your Valentine Fish Craft

Add your heart scales pointing in the same direction as the tail.

adding short wide hearts for fish scales

Draw an eye just above the point of the heart fish lips.  If you want to be fancy then by all means, use a googly eye!  I rarely have those in stock so a quick circle or oval and you’re good to go too!

Glue some paper strips to the heart fish tail for some extra detail like we did or literally pretty much whatever your child wants to do for decorations! 

pink and red paper heart fish craft

Honestly, letyour child’s imagination go wild at this point!  You’ve made the main fish shape with hearts to make it a Valentine’s fish craft, now some open-ended fish decorating is both fun and totally age appropriate!

Like I said, my 2 year old is in an “I’m done in 5 seconds having done the bare minimum to make it look like a thing” stage (also totally find and age appropriate lol) so his is a bit more sparse, but if your child is in a crafty mood I say provide whatever materials you are comfortable with and let them loose!

Playing With Your Valentine Fish Craft

So yes, this craft is really only going to take 5 minutes unless your child is in the mood for some free open ended crafting to add some more fun decorations.  But that’s okay because like you saw, it takes almost nothing to prep it AND because you can play with it afterwards. 

Here are some simple but fun ways you can keep the fishy fun going!

orange and yellow paper heart fish

Swimming Dance

A favourite around here is The Goldfish by The Laurie Berkner Band because it’s such a fun song.  My kids have always loved acting out the different parts in each verse and so once we had our fish done, of course it only made sense to have our Valentine heart fish swim around and do all the actions too!

DIY Fishing Game

If you’ve got the time and energy you can turn this little craft into a bigger one by using my easy step by step tutorial to make your own magnetic fishing game!   Basically you just need to make a bunch more fish and a fishing rod then you’ve got all sorts of imaginative play ahead of you with your new Valentine fish craft!  

toddler fishing game with blue mat pond

Hide & Seek

Take turns hiding and finding your new heart fish all around the room!  You can do just plain hide and find it or you could give some clever hints to sneak in some other learning goals like colours and shapes like for example “The fish is near something that’s a big black rectangle” if it’s near the TV.

Fish Face Kisses

Those big heart fish lips are puckered up just waiting for some kisses!  Have fun trying to make silly fish lips too and give each other some fishy kisses!  This one is guaranteed to bring on the giggles!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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