preview of printed Valentine countdowns with a unicorn and with a train

The Cutest Valentine’s Day Countdown Printables

These printable Valentine’s Day countdown sheets will have your child so excited for the fun on February 14th! With 6 designs in this package, there’s one every kid will love.  And you, I promise, will love how easy it is to make that fun happen!


Valentine’s Day is such a cute holiday for little kids.  All about love in its best form – that innocent, pure love of a toddler or preschooler for their parent, family and friends.  

At our house February 14th is a day to show each other love with cute cards, hugs and little activities.  The kids wake up to a door filled with paper hearts with things we love about them on each one! It is so easy to do and costs practically nothing, yet so exciting in the morning and makes them feel special.  I highly recommend it! 


This year to add to the fun we are adding in one of these super cute Valentine’s Day countdown sheets for each child.  I’m going to put it up on their door so it is almost like a countdown to when the hearts appear!   

Read on for how you can get these cute countdowns too and get some awesome ideas of how to use your countdown – spoiler alert, they are fabulous for preschool math! 

Or skip the extra info and just snag your Valentine’s Day countdowns now and get the fun started right away!

What’s In the Package?

Your package of Valentine’s Day countdowns includes six unique countdown designs and two different styles of countdown:

  1. Full Colour Cuteness
  2. DIY Colouring Page Fun

Full Colour Valentine’s Day Countdown Designs

3 Valentine's Day countdowns: unicorn holding heart balloon, train with steam puffs and cupcake with heart decoration

  1. Pretty in Pink Unicorn
  2. Cute Train
  3.  So Sweet Cupcake

Colouring Page Valentine’s Day Countdown Designs

3 valentine countdown calendar previews: candy hearts in jar, penguin holding heart balloons and heart shaped box of chocolates

  1. Penguin Balloon Bouquet
  2. Cheerful Candy Jar
  3. Happy Heart Box of Chocolates

There’s something for everyone which makes it especially perfect if you have more than one child.  Everyone can pick their own countdown and have lots of fun with no fighting and no arguing since that’s definitely not the vibe you’re going for at Valentine’s Day! 

The variety of themes and options also means you can do six different countdowns over the next six years with just this one printable package!! 

Get your adorable countdowns here! 

Three Ways to Complete Your Countdown

Your package of six cute Valentines countdown calendars includes three types of number changes:

  1. Change Number Heart
  2. Color By Number Fill In
  3. Whiteboard Marker 

This is both so you can pick one that your child will like the most and the one that seems easiest for you to do! 

Option 1: Change Countdown Numbers

The full colour countdown calendars come with physical number pieces to be replaced everyday doing your countdown (or up – keep reading for reasons why you might want to go up!). 

Simply cut out the pieces and glue or tape them on every day.  If your child is older, this is a great opportunity for some scissors practice!

train with heart number in its steam cloud to be changed daily

If you want to get fancy, you could certainly laminate the pages and use sticky velcro dots on both the number spot and the backs of all the numbers.  More effort, but then you can reuse the same calendar year after year so in the long run, maybe less effort.

If you have a laminator I’d say go for it, if you don’t I’d say don’t even worry about it, just print a new calendar next year.  That’s the benefit of having 6 designs!

Option 2: Colour By Number

The three colouring page countdown sheets are designed with 14 things to count on the page.  Every day in February your child simply colours in the item with the day’s number!

penguin holding heart balloons with six hearts colored in

Truly easy peasy lemon squeezy as my 2 year old would say!  You print off one page and you’re done – just have some crayons or markers ready.  

If you don’t want to start your countdown February first, just colour in as many as needed to get to your correct starting point.

Option 3: Whiteboard Marker

Pop your full colour printable into a clear page protector and your older preschooler can write in each day’s number on their own!  No mess, no cutting…this one is also easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

And a great way to practice numbers – you can still print off the number cutouts if you want so your child has a model number to look at while writing.

Ready for Valentine’s Day Excitement? Get Your Cute Valentine’s Day Countdowns Here!

Valentine’s Day Countdown OR Count Up?

The choice is totally yours here too! Your Valentine’s Day countdown printables can be used either way.  Each full colour printable calendar has two designs included – one for counting up and one for counting down!  

Just in case your days are mixed up, check out an online countdown like this Valentine’s Day digital countdown.

Try counting up if your child:

  • Is really young and counting backward won’t have meaning
  • Is learning their numbers past 10 for the first time
  • Is learning about calendars and dates 


Try counting down if your child is learning:

  • Numbers in reverse order
  • The concept of zero
  • Comparative meanings of numbers (i.e. 5 is less than 6)

Countdown Calendar Preschool Math

Oh how a countdown can be so, so, so useful for sneaking in some great math learning through play and fun! As a teacher I’m all about getting lots of learning happening in the play of little kids! Here are some of the concepts these calendars can easily help you introduce and teach through some simple conversations:

  • Number Sequence –  Lots of kids have memorized counting to ten, but when you take it from one number in the middle, not just repeating it like the words of a song, it’s more about real knowledge.  Just like knowing letters individually, not just singing the ABCs! Ask questions like: “Yesterday was 6, what comes next?”. 
  • Number Recognition – Everyday you are looking for a specific number.  Make it a fun treasure hunt everyday!  If you’re still beginning stages of this, make it easier by showing only two or three number options for your child to choose that day’s number.14 hearts with the numbers 1 to 14 in them
  • Comparing Values – Greater Than/Less Than can be considered in terms of a countdown by discussing “Do we have to wait more or less time now than yesterday?”… “So today’s 4 left is less than the 5 days yesterday… 4 is less than 5”
  • Writing Numbers – Choose the Whiteboard marker option for changing numbers and everyday your child is practicing!

Honestly, just surrounding your child by numbers in regular play time like this countdown or these ice cream number games and talking about them often is great for creating enthusiasm and interest, both of which are so important!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope you love counting down with your kids!  Grab you calendar below and share your countdown progress with us on social media!

 Ready for Valentine’s Day Fun? Get Your 6-Pack of Valentine’s Day Countdowns Now!


Enjoy a happy moment,

❤ Sara

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